World of Warcraft (WoW)

Feral Druids Buffcap Bug (Capped at 28-29)

I've been testing buffcap on live and PTR for some time now and experienced a bug that is making feral druids lose buffs at 28 and 29 visible buffs without any talents and fully naked. I've encountered this behaviour on live and has been able to capture it on video during my PTR testing:

During the first video im testing what talents are counting towards buffcap and what are not, i have MCP with Iron counterweight on, which should count as a hidden buff (thanks blizz) and r7 pvp gloves, +stealth detection on which is supposed to be another hidden buff. At first everything goes as planned, i get to 30 buffs and am able to test different talents on taking a hidden buff (turns out feline swiftness is a buff, Predatory strikes and Hotw are not). But then during testing something breaks and i start losing buffs at 29 buffs, even after taking off gear and unlearning all talents. Since then i've been unable to get more than 29 buffs while in cat form.

After that i made some more tests, even tried it on another copied character and was unable to get past 29 on it aswell, but sometimes i started losing buffs as low as 28 without any apparent reason for it.

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unused character > ICW+r7, no talents = capped at 29

remove weapon and gloves, no talents = capped at 29

learn nature's grasp, reshift = still capped at 29

go 4 points into imp. nature's grasp = capped at 28

unlearned all talents = still capped at 28

learned nature's grasp+ 4 points improved = capped at 29

This doesnt make any sense. How am i supposed to play around this?

Outside of this video i also tested it fully naked, with/without ICW+r7 gloves, tested in a different location (Moonglade), when doing the same test in caster form i was able to get to 30 though, but not in cat.

I have no other explanation for this besides it being a bug, blizzard please fix.


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