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Finally hit level 30 and goddam I love y’all and I love this game

Content of the article: "Finally hit level 30 and goddam I love y’all and I love this game"

I played Vanilla back in the day. I’ve been playing since then. I still play Retail because I do like that for its own reasons but I’m not here to talk about that.

I’m here to talk about Classic, which reminded me all over again why I love World of Warcraft. The story is so good. I read every quest text. Take my damn time (as you can see I just hit 30 on my Main after playing since Classic launched. I did switch mains halfway through tho to my Shaman). Nothing is as satisfying as Classic. Every level feels rewarding. A new talent point to spend to strengthen me. New spells too. Something so special about saving up and then making that journey back to Org to train spells and other professions.

Grouping up has been fun too. Not too terrible. Does take work to get a dungeon group going but that’s okay. Never had someone ninja loot. People have been really nice. I even caused my first dungeon wipe by tab targeting and not paying attention and then pulling everything. We laughed it off. Nbd. I owned up to it.

Class quests are satisfying as hell and YES I even enjoyed my water totem quest. I’m in a really active guild and they’re so helpful. There’s just so much that’s different from Retail and let’s be real I forgot a lot about Vanilla over the years. We all have. My guild is a lot of fun and they even gave me bags. Almost cried lmao.

Another thing I love is I recognize people. I use an addon called “serverfriendsonly” and I like to add character friends and I can see where people I’ve quested with are and maybe ask them for help too. Been asked to help he’s stuff (even tho I’m mediocre and have no talent points in resto lol). And that’s neat. I never recognize people on Retail. Like ever. But I’ve seen so many people through my leveling journey and I’m like “wow they’re in all greens finally!” And it’s cool to see people progress like that.

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Anyway this drug on but goddam I’m happy to be playing WoW again and hopefully someday I’ll even get full T1 (kinda a dream of mine don’t shit on me lmao I have no idea if it’s good). I’m here to enjoy myself. Not here to min max. Not here to be a WoW millionaire. I’m here to have fun and quest with friends. And it’s so satisfying to do so. Retail just doesn’t feel like this. I’m sure you understand.


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