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First Ones Speculation (Spoiler?)

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The first part of me speculating is a few questions to you all: What theories do you have about the Brokers? How significant of a role do you think they will play in the lore? Can you think of any other significant moments outside of this expansion where their presence might have been noticed?

Firstly, we do not know much about the First Ones. My first thought when I hear the words, First Ones, is not that they are Titan related. More that they are characters who were the actual first ones to enter the shadowlands, by dying. Beings of this nature would have had to come before most on Azeroth (since the shadowlands, yet would have been second born to the power of Life, which I think is the key). I have tried to do some research on the longest living creatures, or beings who were killed early on in the ordering of the titans but came to no solutions. The only thing that we really have to go on about is the four sword imagery, the design consistency between oribos and the brokers, the

that the jailer alludes to, and the fact that we activate the waystone.

I believe the Crucible, where the Arbiter is, indicates that whoever created that area (and the Arbiter), was not just ordering something chaotic. They were creating something to be death. When beings die, their souls go here, and from their souls is energy (energy based on how much of a life was lived). A machine? Sure, yet the need for brokers still eludes me in connection. I would be fine with the speculation that the Titans, at some point, arranged for the majority of anima to go to just these five areas of the shadowlands, but I do not think that that determines them to be the First Ones… Just the Re-ordering Ones. If anything, I propose that the First Ones are beings derived from a slumbering Azeroth. Beings that pass between the Emerald Dream (where bodies live and souls die, sleep) and the Shadowlands (where bodies die and souls live, death), thus creating the Ouroboros.

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A cycle much more grand where beings swallow themselves in death, only to arise in infinite. As Azeroth sleeps, the same would apply (Body Alive, Soul Dead). Perhaps since she has been stabbed, and is possibly dying, she wakes and thus the shadowlands stirs (Body Dead, Soul Alive). All a part of the cycle. This is what I believe the Jailer to be referring to as the secret. The secret that the First One's sought to hide would be that the inevitable collapse of the shadowlands is as a result of Azeroth sleeping, and that upon her awakening the Shadowlands would be reborn and the Emerald Dream would begin it's collapse. We would be a kind of being passing between life and death infinitely (throwback to how the shadowlands expansion would explain why our character never actually dies).

Though I had originally thought that the Jailer sought some kind of return to life, aka The Dark Crystal. Perhaps he instead merely wishes to end all life on earth, thereby forcing Azeroth to wake up. I think this is where the Titans falls off for me: Where do the four swords come into play? The ebonblade; the four riders of the apocalypse; Jaina, Thrall, Baine, Anduin. What do they have to do with the Titans? Why would the titans not create any shadowlands beings in their image? They didn't have a problem doing it with the keepers?

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If the Jailer is fate (the devouring maw), perhaps the four swords represent the power to overcome fate (the four azerothians were chosen because of their desire for peace, now in torghast 'forever'). The four eternal ones capable of overpowering the jailer. That as time goes on, the four most capable realms would step up and receive power and take place in the center stage of the shadowlands. This is where the jailer would see his opportunity, the flaw of the Arbiter. Why else would he not want to keep funneling souls into the maw? If he only grows more and more powerful when all of the souls go to the maw, just keep the machine broken and put up the best defense. Boom, all the power is yours. Instead he wishes to interrupt the cycle, tear the veil, uncover something more powerful than all of the anima in the shadowlands, destroy souls and capture mortals, dominate life on azeroth and all to unravel fate. Just a thought.

If you got through this, thanks! Now to wait until May when I can play WoW again.


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