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For many classes, Mastery is a pretty boring stat right now. So I came up with some suggestions….

Right now Blizzard has reworked the Mastery of many classes into what is basically a better scaling Versitality. But we have seen, that Mastery can be an interesting, even gameplay-changing stat; For that look no further than the Monk, for whom the mastery-change in Legion changed it's entire playstyle. So I've been thinking how to change some boring masterys that just "Increase Damage by X" into something either more visual or gameplay appealing.

In the following "X" is the chance or number you would change by increasing your Mastery stat. Remember, that "X" can mean any scaling (so it doesn't look overpowered):

Unholy-DK: Exploding Flesh: Increases the chance to get "Sudden Doom" by X. Everytime you use Death Coil, you have X chance to summon a creeping ghoul that charges your Target, dealing (%AtkPower)) in AoE-Damage .Death Coil used from "Sudden Doom" always causes this Effect.

Destruction-Warlock: Infernal Shrapnell: Gives your Chaos-Bolt X Chance to deal 10% more Damage and splits an Infernal Shrapnell from your Target, landing near your location. Collecting the shrapnell reduces the cooldown of your Infernal by 15 seconds.

Survival-Hunter: Tag-Team: Your Pets attacks have X chance to instantly reset the cooldown of "Kill Command" and making it cost 0 Focus. Likewise, your Attacks have X chance to put your Pet into a frenzy, increasing Attack Speed by 20% and making its normal attacks deal Aoe-Damage.

Feral-Druid: Bleeding Frenzy: Your attacks have X chance to cause a bleeding effect on the target, dealing Damage for 5 Seconds. If 4 or more bleeding effects are on your target, become frenzied, increasing your Atk-Speed, Energy-Regeneration and Bleed Damage by 20% for 6 seconds and causing your normal attacks to deal AoE-Damage

Enhancement-Shaman: Wolfs Spirit: Everytime you use Spells form 3 different Elemental-Schools in a row, summon a Wolfs Spirit that attacks your Target, dealing X amount of AoE-Damage. (also counts for Elemental Blast f.e.)

Arcane-Mage: Just revert to the old Mastery "Mana Adept" that increases your Damage depending of how much Mana you have.

Demonology-Warlock: Master-Summoner: Every Demon you summon has X chance to summon a random demon from the Nether, fighting for you for 15 seconds.

Frost-DK: Glacial Arsenal: Every Rune-Power you spent has X Chance to summon a glacial weapon, dealing (%AtkPower) for 4 Seconds a inflicting your target with Frost Fever.

Retribution-Paladin: Holy Ground: Spending 6 Holy-Power in 6 Seconds causes the earth around you to become sanctified for 5 seconds, increasing your Damage and Healing done by X and lowering the cost of your Holy-Power spending Abilities by 1.

And last one Idea of wich I know would be impossible to balance, but I just thought would be a cool idea:

Arms Warrior: Weapon Master: Changes your Mastery, depending on wich Weapon you currently have equipped:

Axe: Current Mastery

Mace: Your Attacks have X chance to put the "Collossus Smash" effect on the target

Sword: Your Abilities and Attacks have X Chance to strike twice

Polearm: Increases your Attack-range by X, and gives your Attacks X chance for your next Ability to not cost any rage.

What do you think about it ?


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