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Goblins headcanons

What are your personnal headcanons and facts about the Goblins and their history, culture, inventions, way of warfare and relations with each other and other races of Azeroth ?

Mine are :

– While there is no official government for the entire Goblin race there was occasionally a council of the Trade Princes on Kezan to resolve crisises and wars between Goblins, make general rules for their species and make official deals between each of the cartels.

-During one of these reunions Trade Prince Steamwheedle was chastisied by the other Trade Princes for having chosen to ally with the Horde since it was against their rule of neutrality, and had greatly compromised their trade and relations with the races of the Alliance of Lordaeron.

– As mentionned above the Steamwheedle Cartel's alliance with the Horde during the Second War and the atrocities they commited or help commiting during the war greatly tarnished the Goblins' reputation in the Eastern Kingdoms and caused many humans, dwarves and High Elves to developp a grudge or strong dislike for their species. This made it really difficult for the Goblins to restablish or etablish new deals and regular trade with the races of the Alliance for nearly two decades.

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– While they are now allies and that Tauren chieftains Cairne and Baine Bloodhoof are tolerant of them and recognize their help and usefulness many taurens are uneasy about goblins due to their massive use of technology and explosives and utter lack of respect for nature, some of them even having a strong dislike of them.

– Goblins first heard about and met gnomes after arriving in Khaz Modan for the first time and trying to sell their technology to the Dwarves only to be shocked when the dwarven king declined their offer as he said that the gnomes could give him the same things that they offered and preferred to stay true to his old allies. The goblins who believed themselves to be the only race with such intelligence and technology, were even more shocked when they came to Gnomeregan to see the gnomes and their technology with their own eyes, and saw that what the dwarves said about Gnome's intelligence and tech was true, and that unlike them gnomes didn't care much about money.

– After discovering the Gnomes and Gnomeregan, Goblins used to believe for a time that like them gnomes owed their intelligence to kaji'mite and so that Gnomeregan had an immense quantity of it. The realization that it wasn't the case and so that gnomes were naturally extremely intelligent was a source of frustration, and even insecurity in several cases, for the goblins.

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– While they didn't had any conflict with the Zandalaris after freeing themselves from their oppressors and despite claiming to have no hard feeling Goblins refused to attempt to trade with the Zandalaris for a long time, and a few of them still are wary of the trolls today.

– One of the Steamwheedle Cartel's reasons for joining the Horde was to get their hands on the riches of Ironforge and Dun Morogh, as the dwarves had refused to cede a portion of their lands and weren't willing to trade their gold , precious metals and stones and mithril ressources with the goblins before the First War.

– Many Goblins alchemists have tried to recreate kaji'mite or to find a substitute to it that would allow their people to regain and maintain their intelligence but so far none have been successful.

– The strongest banks in the worlds are owned and worked by Goblins in Kezan, they loan money to each of the main factions and have a big role in the economic development of the Alliance and the Horde, especially the Horde. Garrosh and Sylvanas' belligerent reigns in particular have forced the Horde to loan colossal amounts of money from them to support their course to arms and campaigns.

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