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Guild Master and Main Tank False Banned (two thunderfurys)

Content of the article: "Guild Master and Main Tank False Banned (two thunderfurys)"

Hi classic wow,

EDIT 3 – main tank and I have been unbanned, unsure if this thread helped but thank you to everyone for your support, and thank you to the trolls for the laughs. I hope this shows that there are innocent people being banned and not everyone is guilty. Thank you everyone.

I'm seeking your advice.

Our main tank and guild master were leveling alts through the generic RFC/SFK/SM/MARA route over the past week and today prior to our alt Blackwing lair raid today, we were both kicked from the game and given the notice we were permanently banned, the reason below;

Account Action: Account ClosureOffense: Exploitative Activity: Unauthorized Cheat Programs (Hacks)

We have both submitted tickets appealing the ban and hope to receive a positive result, but I have noticed false bans in the past on classic wow and am hoping to get your advice.

What is associated with this ban is our main tank ( )

and our guild master

( )

Our guild has been together from the day of launch and on these accounts is the guild bank account, countless months of work, two thunderfurys, and all of our materials/consumables for AQ40 that the guild has worked towards.

Seeking your advice.

Edit 1: Good morning all, thanks for your input and the funny comments. I appreciate all of them. I woke up this morning and was notified that is it now for Violation: Cheating "your fellow players reported you for cheating. This includes actions like botting, and exploiting game mechanics."

Edit 2: " Greetings,

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As part of our ongoing effort to combat exploitation and abusive behavior, Blizzard recently closed a World of Warcraft license on this Blizzard account.

After performing an additional review of the evidence considered in this action, we've determined that this closure was an error. We are reopening this license for play and hope you will accept our sincere apologies for the mistake.

It is our mission to make Blizzard a fun and safe environment for all players, and we are truly sorry that we affected your experience in this fashion. We are always refining our processes and we will learn from this experience as we continue in our ongoing efforts.

We look forward to your safe return to the game, and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Regards, " – my account is now unbanned, waiting to hear about the main tank.

I have submitted a second appeal and will keep you all updated. Thanks to those in support, and the laughs from the trolls.

Thank you


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