World of Warcraft (WoW)

Guild Recruitment Tuesdays! (v2) (May 04, 2021)

Are you recruiting or looking for a guild ? Have a community you want to advertise, or wanting to find some players to group with? This is the thread for you! This thread is heavily automated, so please read below to ensure that your comment does not get removed by AutoModerator.

All comments must be made in response to one of AutoModerator's categories. Any other top-level comments will be removed automatically.


If you are recruiting for a guild…

First, please register your guild if you have not already done so, so users can easily navigate the list of all recruiting guilds. All completed registration forms are made available in our Guild Registry.

Next, when posting your comment make sure to reply to the appropriate comment, so that users can quickly filter out guilds that do not meet their basic requirements. Categories are labelled as Guilds: Region – Faction – Server Type. Regions are NA/EU/Other, and server types are PvP/PvE/RP/RP-PVP. The Other region is for non-NA or EU region guilds.

Please make sure to include in your comment the following:

  • Intended raid/play times (with timezone)
  • Any priority you may have in a guild (e.g. raiding, PvP, RP, social experience)
  • Any pertinent rules (e.g your loot system or code of conduct)
  • A preferred form of contact (e.g. DM, Discord link, website)
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If you are a player seeking…

Check out our Guild Registry for a list of recruiting guilds, their servers, and raid times. For additional information, you can check out the guilds below and Ctrl+F ones you may be interested in.

If you are a player seeking a guild with very specific requirements, such as night shift raiding, LGBTQ+ friendly guilds, or any other specific requirements, please use the 'Players Seeking Guilds' category to comment below. Be very specific about what you are looking for in a guild, and make sure to clearly include your region, server type, and faction at the top of your comment in bold so that guilds can quickly filter for appropriate players.

If you are a player seeking other players, small community, or any that is explicitly not a guild, for example regular dungeon groups, levelling partners, premade teams, please use the 'Players Seeking Players' category. Include your region, server type, and faction at the top of your comment in bold so that other users can quickly filter for appropriate players.


You can also advertise your guild on our Discord. Check out #guild_recruitment.

If you are looking for our original Guild Recruitment list which spanned from pre-Classic launch until February 2021, which has been depreciated, please click here. Keep in mind, the new Guild Registry is found here.

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