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Have to Gquit for something I still can’t understand

Content of the article: "Have to Gquit for something I still can’t understand"

Apology for the grammar mistakes first, did not get time to check.

Well, you know DMF week. Everyone got full WBs and consumables. Wiped at Patch right away because forget to ready check and some healers are afk. Wiped the second time cos tanks got no WBs. Portal back to SW and took another hour for WBs and downed Patch and went right to military wings. Took few tries and downed Razuv.

Now here is the fun part, because the early two hours wiping and get WBs messed up my dinner time. So I asked a friend if I can on follow and finish my meal really quick. Took my 8 mins to finish everything but found out I am died maybe from those staff 's Arcane explosion. Rez up and on my way to Gothik room. One officer w me and force me to sit out the raid for the reason of I am afking too long and my dmg on trash was nearly as low as one Ret pally in the raid (Why would you bother to bring one if you want big dmg?!) It's definitely some crappy reason to me cause we only did 2 bosses so far and I went afk only for 8 mins.

Notice that I am one of the only four mages in raid and I am always one of the top DPS for the past few weeks. I have tried to explain the reason to him but got kicked anyway. I tried to complain that I got unfair treatment and some of my friends stand out for me but got some "Guildies" cursing and laughing on them and Gkick them right after I am logging off.

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When I came back for bwl pug later the day, I found out they were kicked out the guild because their defense words for me are "unacceptable' to some of the officers. So I quit the guild right away and got someone harassing me while I am omw to bwl 🙁

I don't really know WTF is going on today, but I just got treated like shit for not done enough DPS on a room of trash packs and got my friends kicked out of the guild. I really starting to doubt if I ever did anything to them for this kind of hate. But I joined them like a month ago because my friends inv me in and I am rarely talking on dis or typing in guild chat and mostly raid logging because I am busy for work.

I am not trying to get attention or anything. Just want to share this silly "drama" or is it even a drama? Cause it feels like only me and my friends got bullied one-sided. I guess they want their buddies in instead of us.

We talked a lot after this shit happened and considering not going back to raid with other guilds anymore. Been too tired to raid the whole weekend for Naxx and I guess it is time for me to get some break.

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