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Head cannon for your characters

Canonically all of our characters stopped being Sylvanas loyalists. However, I don't like that and really enjoy creating head canon for my characters.

My main is a druid (Night Fae), so in my head she never even helped Sylvanas, instead always keeping Baine and Rhokan informed of everything she could – since she was not put in the inner circle when she refused to help with the first few tasks that smelled funnny.

She believed Sylvanas was beyond redemption after the burning of Teldrasil, but after seeing the Shadowlands – with Vashj in Maldraxxus, not even Revendreth, indicating you get judged by who you were before corruption – and the Maw, and reflecting on Sylvanas' experience after being raised by Arthas she now believes she should be helped and put on a path of redemption, since she believes the Sylvanas who did those things was not the original one and had no free will. That said, she would kill her if that is required to stop the Jailer's plans.

My DH (Venthyr) not only was a Sylvanas loyalist, she still is. She would have joined the Maw covenant and sided with Denathrius if that was possible, and she absolutely believes Sylvanas is correct. Understanding sacrifice is necessary and the ends justify the means mentality is a big part of being an Illidari, after all, and like Sylvanas (and Illidan) she has had enough of cosmical powers playing us like puppets. She doesn't want Sylvanas to be redeemed because she doesn't think there is anything to be redeemed of.

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My DK (Necrolord) is a Mag'har Orc. Her background informs her opinions a lot. She saw how good people can be led to do amazingly stupid and cruel things, and she also has first-hand experience of the power of the Maw, although it is from after Arthas was gone, of course. She understands what Sylvanas is going through to some extent and while she is appalled by her actions, she also believes she (and Arthas, and anyone touched by the Fel or the Maw) should be saved and set on a path of redemption, if possible.

Finally, my paladin (Kyrian) is a Zandalari troll who despises Sylvanas. He, like the druid, never helped her and kept Talanji informed of everything he could. He is pretty much in agreement with Tyrande that retribution is in order. Not out of hatred, mind you, but Justice. Like Uther, he has missed the memo on the Compassion bit, maybe he regains it as he helps the Kyrian rebuild and set a new path.


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