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Healing setup and assignments

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Hello all,

I have recently been asked to Re-Roll healer within my guild and as someone who has a fair deal of retail experience healing, I have only ever played Classic (as well as PServers) as a Warrior/Rogue DPS.

One of the reasons that I have been asked is that I like to do my research and I certainly not afraid to get a grip of people when I need to. However my experience lets me down in terms of how things should be rocking and rolling in our back lines.

Some infomation about the current set up of the guild;

We are a horde guild who currently have a large issue with recruitment and as such we run this as a composition.

1 Feral Tank

2 Warrior Tanks

6 Shaman Healers

2 Priest Healers

2 Druid Healers

2 Hunters

1 Feral DPS

4 Rogue DPS

8 Warrior DPS

2 Enh Shaman DPS

5 Warlock DPS

5 Mage DPS

Note: I am aware that the comp is scuffed. The current situation on the realm however doesn't allow us to easily recruit into the ranks and holding onto players is also an issue.

The big issue with the guilds healing set up that I have been made aware of is ;

  1. Lack of priests, which is the class I have rolled in order to fill that gap.
  2. Massive amounts of over healing.
  3. Targets not assigned at all, therefore a free for all and people get missed.
  4. Poor mana management meaning that the raid is unable to chain pulls together. Almost all warriors lose all their rage between pulls.
  5. Lack of clarity on what each class's rolls within the healing hierarchy is.
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If anyone can help me by explaining how I should look to be assigning healers across the raid. What is the main roll of shamans and should they be doing anything other than chain healing into people? What is the roll of a Druid healer? I am confused as to why the Druids AND priests on horde are tank healers? and finally is there any recomendations for priests? Do they only tank heal and throw out renews where do they fit in the raid comp? I would also appreciate some insight into how the less casual among you manage to chain pulls together and maintain mana throughout and what we can do to change our healing set up.

I am also aware that due to the raid composition, we are slightly gimped on DPS, which does factor into the issue with mana. Longer fights and longer time spent on trash is certainly going to be a catalyst in all this, however I don't think it is the only issue.


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