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Help me understand the Kyrian campaign

As the title implies, the Bastion+Kyrian campaign doesn't make sense to me. Below I'll detail my view on the whole thing and maybe some of you can pinch in to explain what I missed. This will be written from a mixed perspective of myself as the player and my character.

So, first of all we go into the Shadowlands in pursuit of Sylvanas to rescue those that were kidnapped. We appear into the Maw, do our thing there and escape to Oribos via some Old Magic that, as far as I know, isn't yet explained to us (why were we able to interact with it when no one could?). I am OK with all that.

We get to Oribos and meet with its attendants who basically tell us that "shit's broken and all souls are going to the Maw instead of being judged". At that point, we're tasked to seek out the Archon and see what she has to say about that. Here's a thing I don't understand, why didn't the attendants reach out to any of the realm leaders themselves beforehand? Are they really that complacent to just let the broken thing be broken and wait it out? I guess I can live with the explanation that the alien nature of the Shadowlands might explain why seemingly catastrophic events are just acknowledged but not dealt with.

Anyway, we get to Bastion with that information that the whole of the Shadowlands is in jeopardy (with the Jailer being up to no good). The fact that we're being sent by the attendants, and that we're still alive should be proof enough, but no, my ultra important message must wait for me to pass the trials and play along (which we do without questions, a theme that's common to most SL zones).

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So we play along up and learn that about The Path and that the Kyrian are the ones tasked to ferry the dead from their respective realms to Oribos to be judged. Did none of them noticed that shit's broken?!? It's also at that point that it kinda clicked for everyone involved that some Kyrian joined with the Jailer.

Now the forsworn attack and Devos+Uther are mostly like "The Path is wrong, you must die!" and they side with the Jailer and the Maw. Which I guess is the reason why we fight them outright (Uther is a legend on Azeroth, I wonder why even Horde characters wouldn't at least give him the benefits of the doubt otherwise). Anyway, we beat them up and when we're at the point of talking with the Archon, but Maldraxxus attacks and for some reason we go deal with that over there instead of delivering our message and telling the Archons ourselves that "Shit's broken, what are you going to/can do about it?".

Fast forward to the end of the common campaign and there's the submit with all four covenants Leaders. For some reason, it's only at that point that it kinda click for all of them that the Shadowlands really are in jeopardy? Anyway, there are two main problems at this point, both the anima and souls are being sent to the Maw. We deal with the anima problem via the Castle Nathria raid. We deal with the souls by going back to the Maw and rescuing souls one by one, week after week, in the slowest manner possible when the Archon, the leader of the Kyrians, the folks responsible for ferrying those same souls doesn't deviate the flow of souls directly. Why?!? Why isn't that an option?!? Close the faucet instead of trying to empty the sink with a spoon!

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Despite all this, we side with the Kyrians cause maybe we can bring some senses into this Path of theirs. One of the first thing we do is assist in Kleia's ascension and to ferry her first souls from Azeroth to Oribos. We finish this, she drops the soul and it goes into the Maw. She's fucking surprised by it! How can she be surprised by this when we've been talking about it since the very beginning of the story! This shit being broken is the reason we got to Bastion in the first place! Anyway, we go back to Bastion to report and Kleia's all confused, but ultimately the Polemarch just drones out "tHiS Is ThE pAtH" like it explains why they don't stop the flow when they know that shit's broken. At this point, I can almost hear the Soulkeeper yells at me from bellow "go get it back Maw Walker!". Guys, why don't we bring them here in the first place!?!?

Moreover, during the campaign we get to see the memory of Devos and Uther (the cinematic) so it's not like we don't know why Devos rebelled. She had realized that shit was broken and tried to bring it to the Archon's attention, but was rebuked. So we now know that the original goals of the Forsworn were more aligned with our own than even that of the Archon.

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Then we finish the Kyrian campaign and even at the very end, the Archon still doesn't seem to reflect at all about the whole situation and how she could have acted sooner if she actually had the loyalty and wisdom to give the benefits of the doubt to Devos in the first place, and had the courage and humility to reflect on the blind application of tHe pAtH. She's the most antithesis character to what the values of Bastion and the Kyrians are supposed to be. Yet, even our characters are following her blindly.


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