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Hit 70, what I did in Beta so far.

So, I got my invite March 26th, same day as classic sub expired. Not sure if that made a difference, but either way I got in, and haven’t paid for classic since. Just hit 70 and figured I’d share my experiences.

I’m a warlock, gnome, alliance – not a meme player rolling warlock PVE PTR. I finished every quest in Hellfire, Zang, Terrokar, and The Wastes that wasn’t a bread crumb quest or pvp related. I finished 80% of Nagrand, moved to a bit of blades edge and at 68 started kara chain and used SMV/NS to level to 70.

Cap was 64. Then 68 now 70. Like prepatch, talents will reset, don't go sitting around the dark portal you'll just lag and waste your time. When PP is ready to drop log out next to your trainers. It'll save you a ton of time.


If ya got good gear, it's going to be so so easy. I hardly pushed it, doing only quests and it didn't really feel like it took nearly as long as my journey from 1-60.

Bugs– There’s a lot, some still not fixed, so if you wonder why, we don’t have pre-patch yet it may help.

– Guild Banks broken

– Items – can’t link anything, some are missing icons

– Addons – dozens are still broken to all hell

– Keyring was broke, started working, and still eats some people’s items. Not for real just puts them in a strange unreachable location until you log for a bit.

– Arena is kind of unplayable if errors pop up on ya in the middle of play, so that’s being sorted.

– Herb/Mining lots of classic herbs don’t even give skill ups, many don’t even skill you up to the right level, like felweed dropping off earlier than it should

– Not sure if bug or not but many Hunters complain of pulling off their pets with just a couple auto shots let along full zug zug.

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Things I specifically reported

– Herb skill ups

– A mob in zang (eel under water that was stuck in the terrain)

– And npc in the BE area of terrokar that when you let her out, if you fail she just keep unlocking her own cage and dying.

– Icons missing in quests logs

– Mana regen when it was broken -not enough regen

– Mana regen when it overly fixed – innervates giving full mana after a tick

– Food/water not regening your health if you start it before you start combat

– Minor weird stuff with quests through out the areas I was in. Npcs not working right and so on.

Other stuff

– Attunements – most are just getting around to Kara attunes, things like the keys for normal dungeons are bit toxic right now. People ninja looting seth hall keys since only 1 per run can be obtained that kinda junk.

– Mages will still be boosting people in tbc. Slave pens unless nerfed or fixed will allow the best mages to zip to 70 with zero effort.

– Layers are going to be mandatory. There is just too many people for too little objectives to have it with out them.

– Boosted Toons – laughable. I applaud those who tried but the gear is awful. I created a new warlock to test and it’s a bunch of at best max item level eagle gear sort of things. So, if you plan to paid boost, get a friend to give you gear asap. These players in a sense might be paying to skip -some- content but it’s not going to be a free ride in TBC.

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– Dungeons are straight up zerg fests for the most part.

– When the cap was 68, people were already sailing through dungeons that were probably meant to be 70. It’s rough for some, manageable for others.

– If you have T2.5 gear and above you’ll probably keep most of it. Due to lack of gems and enchants right away.

– If you have any stored up ZG enchants, would be good to have them for your prebis until people unlock stuff

– Fury warriors are fun as hell to have in dungeons they still shred fine there.

– Prot pallies are as every bit as lovely as you expected them to be.

– Resto druids are more exciting than any thing shamans bring right now.

– I rarely see mages or rogues

– Ring of Blood and the Kara attunement chains will be PVP haven grief spots (this is mostly for new players not vets who already knew these places were hell back then)

– Layers are goofy with the pvp aspect, people have trouble getting on the right layer to achieve objectives (im on pve PTR though so it might be different on pvp)

– People will most likely blast through dungeons to level.

– People other than mages in really good gear are soloing ramparts partially to level up as well.


– -Any spec can level just fine

– I’m demo with some aff for reduce threat and some hit, sorta drain tanky felguard thing works fine

– I was able to solo dang near any elite quest, unless it was over the top stuff like Durn or ring of blood

– Felguard is op as fuck and I love it.

– I could not find really anything buggy about the class specifically so far.

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– There is none. Gold is infinite in beta, consumes are infinite so who knows. But those hedging bets on stocking up and selling stuff. You’re still going to make a ton of money. There is no way you could out pace the demand for this stuff. Stock up either for yourself or to make money everyone is going to need stuff.

– It will be difficult for Bots to over power us as long as layers are in play.


Let’s see, and I spent a lot of my time copying for gold to buy 22 slot bags for everyone in <Guidance>, giving money to who ever so they could buy what they need, buy mounts by flyers whatever. Keeps us beta testing faster. So that was nice to make people happy while dealing with all the bugs. Community has been nice.

We should see a strong raid update as soon as these are open to us.

Anyway, seeya hope you’ll get into beta, we’re a bit of distance from a true working tbc.


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