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Hopefully this “story” will help you not to behave like asshole

Content of the article: "Hopefully this “story” will help you not to behave like asshole"

Just a quick story i'd like to share with all of you, either if you are hardcore or casual player.

I came back 2 weeks ago after playing only first season of bfa (i pretty much pvp only), i wanted to farm up Pathfinders and few trasmo pieces of previous raid (both legacy and bfa ones).

I had to raise my item level (in order to get invited) so once i was 410, i went into lfr 2 weeks ago that way i could enter battle of dazar alor (mythic) without any issue.

Yesterday evening it happened.
I was raid leading the lfr, explaining tacs for Nzoth and i noticed there was 1 guy which came from my server (language specific, so he came from my own country aswell). He initially asked in raid chat a very "newbie" questions in a very basic english like "how do i know which group am I?" Couple guys followed him thinking he was trolling, and so did I. Way soo many people try to be funny while someone explain the boss, so i moved on and ignored him.

We engage and boss and the guy dies in P1 (we killed big add and he didnt "tp back" to his body and died.

I didnt say a word, i mean, everything could have happened (dc, crash, some irl stuff going on) so i decided to go easy and give him another shot.

We wiped and after few more explanation to anyone who asked questions we freshly started our second try.

Next try he doesnt die in P1, but next phase instead of going into portal (he was in one of the groups which were supposed to go portal) he remains outside, his sanity goes to 0 and gets MCd.

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I "take note" and as soon as we wipe i whisper him saying "are u fucking kidding me?"

And then that hit me.

He whispers me and, in the most polite way he says "sorry i'm 60 years old, my english isn't very nice and it takes more time for me to learn, also the reflexes aren't the same as they used to be, if i'm causing troubles, i'm truly sorry and kick me"

I felt like shit,i normally do 3v3 arena at a high rating so i'm either playing with people i know or pugs who are supposed to be "veterans / good at the game".

I didn't think that even the question about groups wasn't a joke, but he genuinely really had no clue how to check them.

I then asked the whole raid to take a 5 minutes break and i explained him in our language what the boss was going to be, if he had any questions and I put him in a group where he didn't even have to care about portal and most importantly i apologised to him, i was a dick and he didn't really deserve that, he had a laugh, said "no worries" and said he would give his best.

We managed to get the kill 2 tries after and he thanked me for my patience.

I truly felt shit anyway for how poorly i behaved, i'm almost 28, i'm supposed to be better.

Hopefully this story will help people to wait and think before going rage mode.


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