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How a 40 Man IRL Friends Guild, Broke the Collusion on Shazzrah-EU!

Content of the article: "How a 40 Man IRL Friends Guild, Broke the Collusion on Shazzrah-EU!"

Hello everyone,

This is a story of Valor, Dignity and Heroism, a story of Friendship, Commitment, and Dedication, and most of all, a story of Honor!!

Although many of these concepts are of a fairy tale, this is a recollection of events that actually took place this previous week on Shazzrah-EU, so without further due, allow me to present you the story of <Overdose>

Overdose is a Horde guild on Shazzrah-EU, not many knew about before last week, for it is more like a closed social circle of real life friends, whom have been playing this game since the Vanilla wow beta servers on US in 2004, and are well experienced in the game.

Although we don't consider ourselves to be a "hardcore" guild, and although we don't do speed runs, we have occupied many world rankings such as Rank #9 Realm on execution on Horde side

Rank #1 healer on Realm both Horde and Alliance

And also Rank #1 World wide DPS on on some of the boss fights

Having said that, we are not that many, like we don't even have an alt raid let alone a second raid team, simply because we value quality more than quantity, and also because most of us if not all of us have families, kids and irl responsibilities to keep up with. However since we all share the love and passion for this game and enjoy playing it, we still find the time to play the game and enjoy it to the fullest.

With AQ on the horizon, one of our friends "Bnheal" (Rank #1 healer on realm btw) asked for our help to go for the Scarab Lord quest, hence we all prepared ourselves to help him in this epic quest and support him in the grind, whether it was Carapace fragments or simply PVP action, which we were looking forward to see since we play on a PVP server, or at least that what we expected at the time…

Day 1… Silithus…. "COLLUSION"!!?

we were shocked to see the biggest 3 guilds on Horde side make a collusion with the 3 biggest guilds on the Alliance side, in which if any horde enters Hive Regal area, they would ask the alliance to come and kill him and vice versa.

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the map scheme was as follows

This is something that many honorable guilds despised and reacted against since day 1, so we gathered a small group and invaded the north hive, which was the only spot where any guild apart of those in the collusion can farm in. Many honest guilds from both Horde and the Alliance were upset by this collusion and described it as an act of treason! and this is where we in "Overdose" came in and took the matters into our own hands.

Seeing that the biggest guilds in the Horde have betrayed their own, and were snitching on any horde entering the Hive Regal area, and asking their ally hit squads to come and kill them, being such cowards and having no respect for themselves let alone for the faction they play in. We decided to hit them hard and invade their own camp in Hive regal.

Being outnumbered, we couldn't just rush the camp, so we had to utilize the quality of our players against the quantity of their defense. Hence we started by sending rogues sqauds ranging from 10-12 rouges to scout and kill any ally defense patrols in the area, and eventually we were able to invade Resist's hive in Hive Regal, and teach what used to be considered as the biggest Guild on Horde side Shazzra-EU, a lesson they will never forget!

After invading the camp, and farming on multiple characters, some of us even had up to 3 accounts up and running at the same time, doing various tasks ranging from, scouting, guarding the entrance and watching alliance defense patrols movements. The collusion started to break, and after wiping the ally defense waves over and over, the allys just gave up, and left Resist without any protection, except their own alliance alts which we killed occasionally for entertainment purposes lol.

The word spread and many Honorable guilds from the Horde started to come, and the same started to happen on the Alliance camp! and eventually, we started to conquer the entire Hive of Regal!

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At this point, the situation in the server started to take its normal life cycle, where horde and alliance are at war, and the collusion was deemed futile.

This is when the hate messages started, because the initial plan of the collusion was for these major guild to farm up to 3 Scarab Lord mounts, which some guilds where selling for real life money, ranging from 10k-30k USD!! But little they knew, Overdose will never let their plans see the light 😉

that was MEOW's GM, making promises that he cant keep 🙂

and again lol

and within 6 days! we have farmed 42k carapace fragments and started one of the most if not the most epic quest chains in the history of World of Warcraft.

For doing this epic quest was the best experience we ever had, and I cannot imagine myself going through classic wow without doing this quest, or at least taking part of it.

This journey we had gone through last week was one that we will remember for days and days to come, and even may tell to our children in the future, the amount of dedication, physical and mental investments made by my fellow guildies, taking days of work, and postponing irl duties, to go through war against the collusion, all of that will not be forgotten, and shall be remembered with joy. The amount of fun and enjoyment we had, the memories, these are things that cannot be bought with gold.

As for Resist, MEOW and CICADA, the shameful guilds of the Horde! you have not only lost the mounts you were aiming for, and not only some of your officers /gquited and left the whole game after not being able to get the mounts they were promised, and also out of sheer shame!

You have lost something that is far more important, you have lost your Honor….

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and will always be remembered as traitors of the Horde.

Whenever you enter Orgrimmar you are received with /spit from the whole wide server, and are constantly being kicked out of the world channel by anyone who takes the Admin of that channel, denied portal by mages, and kicked out of pugs.

Which should teach you a great lesson, that reputation in the world of Warcraft is something that shouldn't be taken lightly!

In the end, I would love to thank <Overdose>, and many many Honorable guilds both of the Horde and the Alliance, who have fought against the collusion. We are honored to have you in Shazzrah-EU, whether as friends or foes, as long as u fight with Honor! /Salute


here's some clips that are combined spontaneously just to give u guys a little hint of the fun we had in the past week ^^


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