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How much political influence the Church of Light has ?

Content of the article: "How much political influence the Church of Light has ?"

In the Middle Ages the Catholic Church had a central position and very important power and influence over the kingdoms and other nations of Europe with church being extremely important in everyday's life, monasteries being the main places of litteracy and culture with monks and other religious men being those who wrote and illustrate the bibles and other books and scrolls, the church encouraging periods of peace and general laws for all men and women, kings and emperors symbolically owing their power to God and the Pope having been for long one of the most powerful men of Europe and often a judge to limit the power of kings and emperors and either condemning their conduct or giving them support, not counting how popes were the ones to order the first crusades, and even the Bishops and Archbishops had a very important power equivalent to lords, etc…

In the world of Azeroth the great majority of humanity, Ironforge dwarves, High and Blood Elves and even some Gnomes worship the Light, with the Church of the Holy Light being the main religious institution inside the human kingdoms and the kingdom of Ironforge, though this church has obviously less influence and political power since it doesn't have a single leader unlike the Catholic Church with the Pope.

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How much political power does the Church of the Holy Light have in the Eastern Kingdoms within the human and dwarven nations ? Do the Archbishops of the Light have a strong influence over the kings and can either oppose or offer a strong support to their decisions ? Could the Archbishops serve as a judge to arbitrate conflicts between kingdoms ? How serious would be the opposition of the Church if a king take actions and decisions that go against the Church's beliefs and interests ? Could the church be also an economical and cultural power ?


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