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How to balance the leaders of the Alliance and Horde?

First of all, I will say that I am neutral (in fact, I am even more inclined towards the Alliance), but what is happened with the difference in strength between the leaders of the factions? The Alliance has Malfurion, Tyrande, Velen, Turalyon, Alleria, and Jaina. The Horde has… Thalyssra? Who ran away from Jaina screaming that Jaina was too strong. Thrall, who has lost his strength (although he is gradually beginning to regain them). And Sylvanas, who now works with the Jailer and is not part of the Horde.

I think the developers did a very stupid thing in Legion and Bfa (well, the whole plot of Bfa is full of stupidity, but I'm talking about allied races). Instead of completely useless alternative Mag'har (they could be given simply as a skin to ordinary orcs), the fel orcs (which many players have been waiting for for a very long time) could become the allied race, led by Theron Gorefiend (while he could be strengthened in some way) which would also look great as the opposite of the returning Turalyon. Although Turalyon could have been made neutral at all. Yes, I know that many Alliance players are unhappy when their characters become neutrals, but my god, the fact that Alleria and Turalyon still hate the Horde so much after a thousand years of war with the Legion is so stupid. It would be much more logical if Alleria and Turalyon remained neutral. Alleria would argue that she cannot choose between her two sisters and does not want to take a side in their war. Turalyon could have simply taken Tirion's place. I mean, Tirion died at 7.0 and Turalyon returned at 7.3. Some of the greatest people of the paladins never met, and Turalyon could simply act as Tyrion's replacement, becoming the neutral leader of all paladins in memory of Tirion.

As for the Nightborne, in the Legion it was possible, you know, not to destroy the Nightwell. What was the point in that? The Blood Elves are also addicted to their Well and they have befriended the Nightborne. Thus, the Nightborne would be a formidable fighting force (being great chronomancers), and Thalyssra herself could compete with Jaina in the magical arena (she could be a weaker arcana or ice mage, but surpass Jaina in her mastery of chronomancy).

Vol'jin could also be upnuted in some way (I mean, now he has merged with Loa, but he is unlikely to return to the world of the living). He could have made some kind of insole with Bwonsamdi or something, although he is already the strongest Shadow Hunter, if I'm not mistaken. And, of course, there was no need to take away Thrall's strength.

Thus, the Alliance would have Malfurion, Tyrande, Velen, Jaina, and the Horde would have Thrall, Sylvanas, Vol'jin, and Thalyssra. Well, as I said, if the Alliance still had Turalyon, the Horde could have Theron.

So what do you think? How will Blizzard now be able to equalize the forces of the leaders of the Alliance and the Horde (not counting the killing of the leaders of the Alliance)?


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