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How to Improve Your Raiding with 10 Tips

Hey pumpers,

I've been doing a lot of progression raiding lately and have been thinking a lot about the mentality needed to progress efficiently and continue having fun.

Here are some things I've come up with (feel free to add more if you have any ideas):

  • Attitude and expectations are everything – understand that the top guilds have done dozens of PTR pulls and perfectly organized their raids and everyone is most likely playing optimally – comparing yourself directly to them will lead to frustration
  • Be very aware of what you have on farm and make sure you prioritize getting your guild consistent loot to keep morale high (IE Void Reaver)
  • Be the most knowledgeable person on every fight – you should know the mechanics back to front, every trash mob, everything should be expected and known so you are productive with every pull and people continue to trust in your input
  • Give your guild the best/most in-depth resources possible but also give them short easy to digest content as well (for example we gave our raiders the Crix/TSW videos but also made simple resources like pictures of where to stand on bosses)
  • Ensure you have a roster of at least 25 people willing to play for a specific set amount of time – constantly replacing people is a huge burden for the raid leaders and will slow progression significantly
    • You need consistency and swapping people out is the biggest issue with progression raiding – also the longer people are willing to play the better – Lady Vashj took many guilds 40+ pulls and some guilds haven't even done 15 pulls on her yet
    • Time management is extremely important – you should know when a pull will be a wipe and call it quickly and find the quickest way to die. Time wasted on impossible pulls / resetting is one of the biggest barriers to progression (think about how quickly Retail progression guilds reset in the world's first races – they always have wipe protection, etc.)
  • Review while resetting for the next wipe – it’s easy to spin in circles but analyzing what’s going wrong is incredibly important – always aim for progression
  • Set high goals but make sure that your guild also can reach the goals – don’t go into raids expecting to clear in one night if your guild has never done the content before
  • Compare your logs to other guilds – you can literally break down every moment in a fight 1:1 and figure out where things are going wrong and who needs to improve things
  • Make sure your guild has the right tools to succeed (WarcraftLogs, sheets to analyze performance, raid tools,, etc)
  • Make sure the backbones of your guild are properly managed and doing everything they can (healing lead, tank lead, DPS leads for classes to ensure people are performing adequately)
  • Go in with 1 plan that you know has worked before and don't immediately deviate if the first pull has issues – know what problems caused a wipe and don't blame the wrong thing
  • Bring in outside eyes to analyze your attempts live and in log form – if you had infinite time to send every single member a list of what they could do better do you think it would help? (friends that have completed the content in their raids usually love to come in and help and I did that back in classic effectively)


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