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How would you go about making each of the original seven kingdom alliance unique?

So the original alliance of seven human kingdoms formed for the second war are as follows: Stormwind, Lordaeron, Stromgarde, Dalaran, Gilneas, Kul Tiras, and Alterac. A lot of these kingdoms have had some changes over the course of the game that made them a lot more distinct than how they started, which was basically different color-wearing humans. Some have fallen behind in fact due to how different many have become. Let's go through them one by one.


Stormwind is admittedly not super unique outside of being just the main human kingdom. I mean, arguably that's what makes it unique with most of the others veering in wild directions, but I don't think it needs changes given how it's served as the baseline. It went from the kingdom that retreated to Lordaeron asking for help to the stronghold and center of the Alliance. It's fine as is.


Lordaeron at this point is most notable for being the kingdom of the dead. It produced Arthas who became the Lich King, it was wiped out by the scourge, and the reanimated citizens were brought under the rule of Sylvanas Windrunner while they converted the underbelly to their capital city. The thing is, I think Lordaeron itself hasn't really been set apart from any other human kingdom as of yet. Because the Forsaken aren't really about Lordaeron. They didn't even inhabit the actual upper section of the city that was recognizable as Lordaeron, they reshaped the innards to look entirely different and unique to them. However, I do think Lordaeron is on its way to getting a new, unique identity. With Calia Menethil now at least set up to be the new leader of the Forsaken, I'd actually like to see them retake Lordaeron. Maybe it would be cheap to bring it back right after losing it, but if things were different this time with the new truce between the Alliance and Horde and Calia's strong ties to the Alliance, then what if they actually restored the upper level of Lordaeron and lived there as inhabitants, just as they did in life? So we've got the kingom of Lordaeron, ruled by Lordaeron royalty, but now inhabited by the undead. It also means that the Alliance would have completed the goal of retaking and restoring Lordaeron without the Forsaken losing their home. It could be interesting for storylines in the future.

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Stromgarde I think needs the most work to be distinct. I mean, sure it's had its own storylines about retaking it and whatnot, and Danath Trollbane is a character who's had some importance…but it's basically just "the humans' red kingdom." Even Danath himself is a character who's seemed plain compared to other characters in his circle. In the original group that went to Outland, we had Khadgar (a magically-aged powerful mage who was the apprentice to Medivh and is now the archmage of the Kirin Tor), Kurdran (the only dwarf in the crew and the High Thane of the Wildhammer Clan), Turalyon (a powerful paladin who ended up becoming the leader of a group of powerful light-believing aliens), Alleria (the only elf in the crew who went on to harness void magic and create a whole new category of elf), and Danath (the leader of Stromgarde who sometimes appears as another soldier for the Alliance). Like, don't get me wrong, he still is relevant whenever Stromgarde content shows up, but it's usually just to talk about wanting to rebuild or hold Stromgarde. And the kingdom itself is still not very unique.

The thing is, I don't really know what to do to make them unique. I've seen some suggest really leaning into the military angle, making all the citizens more big and burly with their models and have more militant attitudes. But one, I don't think that's enough when compared to the treatment other kingdoms have gotten, and two, the issue with trying to reinvent them even in looks so much is that we have been able to see and interact with them the whole time. It's not like they were walled off like the Gilneans or out on their own isle like the Kul Tirans. One idea I have is one that I'm not sure fits any known lore because I'm kind of reaching here. What if the Stromgarde humans left on Outland (because Danath and his group were the ones to stay the longest even after the rest of the Sons of Lothar went back to Azeroth) were at one point captured by the remaining Fel Orcs and taken to Hellfire Citadel for the same experiments to be run on them? Eventually players and NPCs would rescue them, but the ones who survived would have red skin and be much more burly and tall, looking a bit monstrous. Either the Kirin Tor or Druids or whoever are able to return them to their senses, but they do look like this now. So Stromgarde is back, but a lot of the citizens kinda look like half-orcs. I don't know…it could work…maybe…

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Dalaran is already very unique. You know, powerful wizards, neutral to both factions, live on a floating city. It's all good. Next.


Gilneas is also of course very unique. Once only unique for being "that one kingdom that pulled out of the Alliance," now they also have a unique time capsule aesthetic and the Worgen curse that makes most Gilneans giant wolf-men and women. This is the kind of reinvention I'm referring to when trying to think of the others.

Kul Tiras:

This kingdom of course got a lot more unique in Battle for Azeroth where they were the focus. Even still, they were one of the most unique of the human kingdoms anyway due to their whole sea-faring theme and pirate tones. Still, Battle for Azeroth ramped it up. Now they have on average a lot larger or more burly citizens because the harsh sea life requires it, they have multiple factions like ancient witch-hunting orders, Tide Sages, Thornspeakers, etc. They have a history with the Drust. They have a tie to ancient spirits. It's all great. This is another good example of the reinvention I'm trying to hit on. They're now pretty unique but also didn't have to go as far as becoming wolves.


This last one is another interesting one to talk about. They are already arguably unique, as their most prominent act was betraying the Alliance to the Horde. They were weakened because of it and eventually wiped out, and the ruins of their kingdom still stand, now as a home to ogres, while their remaining members make up "The Syndicate." What I mainly want to talk about here is how they'd be unique as a kingdom if they were brought back into circulation in some way as a kingdom. Like, what features would've made them unique even back during that seven kingdom alliance? This one's really just a steal because it was such a neat idea. A user on the main WoW subreddit posted their idea for an "Alteraci Human Allied Race" that did some interesting things with them. I'm not sure if I'd want yet another human variant Allied Race, but in terms of unique changes, it was pretty neat. Basically the surviving members of Alterac fled to the Alteraci Mountains where they erected small villages and scrounged to get by. A few things were added here and there, like a close connection with pet hawks, but the really interesting thing was a storyline that would actually lead to them allying fully with the Horde. I think as the only Horde-aligned human kingdom, that could be pretty unique just on its own, and the potential drama and storytelling to come from that could be great.

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But what would you do for these? Any better ideas for Stromgarde? Would you actually want to add a new wrinkle to Stormwind or Dalaran or Gilneas or Kul Tiras? Should the Alteraci Kingdom stay gone? Do you not want the Forsaken to retake Lordaeron? Share your ideas.


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