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I just felt like letting this out.

Content of the article: "I just felt like letting this out."

Ahh, it's the old Scarab Lord grind season. I remember an old post on the r/2007scape sub about signing the petition for Vanilla WoW servers whilst Nostalrius was being shutdown.

I ended up signing the petition and before I knew it I found myself hooked to Vanilla WoW private servers, for roughly 4 years I played the everliving shit out of the game bouncing from server to server with every shutdown and fresh launch. Even losing multiple level 60 characters in raid gear didn't deter me as I just saw it as grounds to practice or rather a stepping stone to the real thing when Blizzard would someday launch Classic WoW.

I became quite the sweaty tryhard at one point meta gaming to the absolute maximum with multiple accounts across both factions, scouting world bosses and the opposite faction in contested zones for mobs and resources such as Black Lotus and Devilsaur. I attained a rank 12 and 13 on two of my characters but was snubbed on rank 14 due to the crazy politics of the ranking community, I really pushed hard on my Orc Warrior but couldn't hold onto rank 13 any longer without hitting 14 so I just de-ranked by going on a mass DK genocide. The toxicity in the playerbase was absolutely insane but that only drove the competitive nature in the game to new heights.

By the time Blizzard actually released the game I thought I was going to take the experience and knowledge I had learned over the years leading up playing private servers to create my own guild and take responsibility in becoming the main tank but for whatever reason I ended up casually leveling up, I fell behind the top players on my server and soon became uninterested in the game from a highly competitive standpoint.

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I don't know the exact reason that made me quit the game but I didn't even make it to BWL, maybe I burnt out playing private servers, maybe it was being split up from close guild friends over the years of playing with a globally mixed EU/NA playerbase, I don't know the true reason but I just felt that the thrill had gone, after years of fighting for the game I barely played it to any real degree.

I ended up vendoring all of my gear and giving away the gold to a few guild mates and random low level noobs still doing their leveling grind, I settled all of the disputes and rivalries I had within my faction, I deleted all my alts, mounted up on my mighty Kodo and sat on it naked with my big sweaty Tauren balls hanging low for all those to see on top of the Orgrimmar bank and bid farewell to my fellow players, finally logging off for the final time. /salute

Tbh I don't really know why I wrote this, I guess my point is I hope there's people playing Classic WoW and living those amazing experiences I and many others had playing across private servers or even back in real Vanilla, I truly rank those times amongst my favourite gaming memories such as experiencing Xbox Live for the first time with Halo 2 and 3, PK'ing with my school friends back in the day on RuneScape, being shit scared as a kid passing the controller playing Resident Evil at my cousins house, there's just so many others I can't say them all, when it's all said and done I'm just glad I can say I was there. I feel there's a sad inevitable fate for Classic WoW and I suppose that's just the ever evolving nature of the genre, soon Classic TBC will come and maybe even WotLK then Vanilla will creep back into obscurity with a fractured playerbase.

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I appreciate the time anyone is willing to give into reading this, I truly love this game and gave it my all for 4 years straight, love you all, peace!


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