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I leveled a Goblin to 50 without Kezan exploding. Now I have to wait over 40 days to hit level 51.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen of Azeroth, you read that title right: I actually managed to level a Goblin to 50 without leaving the initial starting zone.

Previously, I shared my progress on this insane leveling achievement in a previous post that some of you may or may not have seen, but for those of you who want the TL;DR: I killed over 5,000 Tunneling Worms in Kezan on a new Goblin Hunter to get to level 30 on a starter account with banked XP. From there, I bought a subscription and turned in a set of 5 daily pet battle quests that I completed on alts to continue leveling when the worms no longer gave XP. At level 39, I tamed not one, but two Tunneling Worms to prove it was possible to do so, then continued to level via daily turn-ins with the intent of reaching level 60. And four days ago, I hit the milestone of level 50.

However, I've also hit a rather large snag in my plans.

You see, once a character is level 50, the XP accrued from non-Shadowlands pet battles is SEVERELY nerfed. like, nearly 1/8th the XP that it gives at level 49. Because of this, I can only earn a grand total of 4,250 XP per day at level 50, which means it will take me about 43-44 DAYS to hit level 51 from my initial starting point if I continue to turn in these dailies in a timely manner. I shudder to think just how little XP I'll receive per turn in with each subsequent level that I struggle to reach at this point.

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So here I am, sharing my progress to all of you and anyone else interested enough to check this thread out. It's no level 60, but hey, it's a start at least. And if goblins are known for anything, it's pushing technology beyond its breaking point!

Wish me luck!

(Oh, also if anyone knows another way to gain XP on alts where mining and herbalism aren't possible, feel free to share it with me so I can expedite the process a bit more, that'd be great, thx)

~ Nobb of Wyrmrest Accord, AKA Slapperfish


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