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I leveled from 1-60 without a single quest, dungeon or outside help (Timelapse Proof)

Content of the article: "I leveled from 1-60 without a single quest, dungeon or outside help (Timelapse Proof)"

Hey everyone Rushin here, first time posting on this sub

When Classic WoW Launched I started playing just like many of you did and I faced with large queues and disconnects. By the time I leveled my priest to 40 I was disconnected one time too many and was faced with 10k people queue and so I created a character on a low pop server just for fun where I'd turn on some tunes and grind mobs and do nothing else. After a few such sessions I found this mildly calming and relaxing and decided to do it all the way to 60 and record it all in a

. So the legend of Grindmaster was born. The challenge was to level to 60 without doing a single quest or dungeon, the only exp you can get is via grinding mobs and discovering new zones. You may wonder why I selected a druid as the class here, the answer to that is simple. I analysed all the classes and realised that almost all but druid and mage need class quests in order to level. Warrior needs stances and weapons, Priest needs a wand, warlock and hunter needs pets etc. Druid and Mage were the only two classes I can choose from but Mage seemed like cheating to me as they can easily AoE grind. Therefore the only choice was a druid. You could argue that druid leveling from 10-20 without bearform is long, and I agree but once you get to level 20 and get that sweet cat form, nothing can stop you.

I started on November 2019 on Judgement-EU and I managed to level to 51 before December, when my son was born. After his birth I put aside gaming and recording videos for a long while until we have settled into the new way of life. A couple of weeks ago I have decided to finish what I started originally and finished the video. When I started the server was Medium Population and if I wanted to sell some Medium Leather with competitive prices I could do that no problem. However by now the server barely has 50 people when I type /who. I got to level 60 in just under 7 days /played and have around 1.5TB of footage across 3 Hard-Drives. You may notice that the quality of the video could be better, the reason is that I had to reduce it to maintain this much footage at once. Plus when you speed up the footage it gets blurry It was a great journey while it lasted and for sure worth it. I hope you will enjoy this time lapse that took me almost a week to speed-up and glue together. video link:

The How

In this challenge I had to rely on myself as I knew the AH wouldn't be able to provide me with greens and items I need to suppliment my leveling. That's why you will see me leveling Skinning and Leatherworking through-out the video to get some gear advantages. Skinning was a way to add to my income so that by the time I get to 40 and 60 I can afford mounts, and sure enough by the time I got to 60 I was able to buy the mount and had 300g left over.

1-6: Leveled in the Starting Area

6-13: 2nd Starting Area

13-26 Barrens (I started by killing low level Plainstriders, moved onto Zebras, then Prowlers near Ratchet, Bristlebacks near Camp Taurajo and then Hyenas and Thunder Lizards till 26.

26-35 Thousand Needles, the Kolkar there are easy targets, starting with their first camp, then second camp (higher level). Towards 33-35 I killed some crocs in Shimmering Flats for leather

35-42 Swamp of Sorrows, the raw gold you get from Panthers there is great to suppliment the mount and the leather helped. I killed Muckdwellers and Swampmonsters towards 40-42 as they are easier targets

42-47 Tanaris, I killed turles for skinning and Golden Pearl chance for a couple of levels but your best targets are for sure the pirates, west of Gadzetzan and then in the cave more southern.

47-50 I killed Orgres in Ferales and the best targets were the Druids and Fey Drakes north of the horde camp.

50-56 Harpys in Ferales are the easiest targets and grant tons of XP.

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56-60 Blood Elfs in Azhara are the best targets by far, they have low armor and HP and have chance to drop epics worth hundreds (I got Freezing Band). Towards 58-60 you can swing by the Demon camp nearby for that sweet Felcloth but they are harder to kill

My total played time was 6 Days 18 Hours and I think that I could have easily done it Sub-5 days if I haven't bothered with AH, professions or trial and error to find the best locations for farming

The above list is by far not the most idea but it should serve as a guide for those who want to try it. I will definately try it again with another class but I will have to do 1-2 quests to get the class abilities neccessary for leveling. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps


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