World of Warcraft (WoW)

If you are a casual player / low io / new player and wants to improve, here’s something for you!

This is a collection of weak auras and tips to help you in your journey.
While blasting low keys to farm valor on my full geared monk , I encountered a lot of toxicity form low io / casual players, and a lot of raging, mainly because they didn't know why they were dying / couldn't care less and mainly blamed their failure on others
If you want to improve, and leave the <10 bracket, this small collection of resources can help a lot.

You can find a well done and easy to understand video intro here to the weak auras concept and addon here.

It is not elitism, I'm just helping you to get to the next level

Some tips :

  • as a monk, you can incap and than ring of peace the incapped mob away, for some reason you will not get your group in combat ( works since mop )

  • You can hybernate the vulpin @ second boss in mists

  • Kill the little slimes in Tyrannical week on the first boss in plaguefall and cc the big one, you will never wipe again, also as a caster, stand in melee so you can dodge the breath faster

  • If you have engineering you can remove the blobs in tos, there's a red button to the left after the entrance to the blobs room

  • If you cc / kill the flying like mobs before hakkar, they won't trasform, they have a castbar, plater will highlight that

  • In the same wing you can purge / arcane torrent the gosts that spawn to instakill them

  • You can soak multiple beams in the last hoa boss and you will take the same damage, just stay in the boss hitbox

  • 3rd boss in soa you can tank him in a straight line , forcing the black orbs to go out all in the same place, basically forming a single line

  • Use your cds on trash packs and prides

  • Incap abilities and stuns can be used as interrupt

  • First soa bosses share health, as a melee, hit the bird, it's easier to dodge everything

  • If you are a caster and you stay in melee range, on the top abomination boss, you will not get gripped in

  • If you are a caster if you stack in melee when you do the mobs in the abomination wing in top, they will not jump around

  • you can tiger lust your tank if he has to kite, he will love you

  • Soulstealer boss in top , run in tho the ends when your soul gets taken, you will get a 30% buff increase and you will not need to run to catch your soul

  • Ring of peace alone won't aggro, you can use it on patrols

  • In Nw last boss, after you run the gauntlet and come back, you will leave a giant pool of ice on the ground that damages everything, run to a side as soon as u land and stay there until you see the pool

  • Same boss, when you have the run from the rainy ice, you can draw a square on the ground with your character . There's no need to run in a straight line, the less space you cover, the better!

  • you can purge the slimes before first plaguefall boss, so they won't leave the green puddles on the ground

  • you can warlock gate skip after the first 2 pack in mists, place it in the right corner of the tree and u can travel to the next pack skipping one

  • Hex can be used as an interrupt.

  • You can dodge/teleport the charge of the last boss in sanguine and not get hit by the dot

  • You can freedom / tiger lust the ability that chains every member of the party in sanguine depts to instantly remove it and keep dpsing under the mob instead of running away

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Clean your Ui!!!

Here's mine as an example, nothing fancy, just Elvui + a class weakaura with a custom profile made by me. Screen clutter can be a major issue, and while i'm, not the cleanest myself i can see pretty much everythiung in a dungeon clearly, despite my big ass yellow numbers ( I use classic fct ).

If you are interested in a complete beginner guide on how to basically not suck at wow , Preach gaming channel has a nice webseries called getting good for Christmas.
You can love or hate the guy, but it's not about him , it's about the value that this series provide, it's some good content for a player starting out!

Thanks, I hope I've been helpful

Edit : All the credits to the original addons / wa creators, I just merged them in one post!

Thank you for your work


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