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I’m Don’t Understand Shaman’s Role (Lvl 22, first time WoW player). Please help me.

Content of the article: "I’m Don’t Understand Shaman’s Role (Lvl 22, first time WoW player). Please help me."

Full disclosure: I've watched a lot of videos on roles, classes, and very general info, so no quick links to vids and stuff please.

Alright. So on my Tauren Shaman, I've just reached level 22, I have 3 totems (earth, fire, water), and I've done as many quests as I could find in The Barrens and Durotar for my level.

I thought I had prepared enough and grown comfortable enough in my skillset and the Shaman's overall kit to start doing some dungeons, my first being the Wailing Caverns.

Problem 1: Why am I being denied the role of healer?

I joined up with a mage and the first thing they say is:

"Okay, so now we need heals and a tank."

…Is that not what I do?

Many sources list that shamans can do X,Y,Z, but in the endgame many Shamans get secluded to healing. I know I don't have the chain healing ability yet, but I thought Shaman heals were no joke in general and yet here I was getting passed up for that role.

In addition, I know that Warriors are the Tank gods of classic WoW, but with Rockbiter Weapon and Earthshock to create "threat" (or someone else used the term "hate" while I was talking to them) as well as being able to equip a shield and wear leather armor (mail at lvl 40), I thought Shamans were pretty good tanks. Shit, better than mages, priests, rogues, hunters, warlocks, and druids. At least, what I've learned so far has lead me to believe that. So even though Shaman is in "2nd place" for tanking (for the Horde faction), it's a no-go?

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If they can't be used as tanks, that creates:

Problem 2: Why the Fuck does Rockbiter exist?

The mage and I found more members for our group and I was given the role of DPS for this WC dungeon run.

That being the case, I thought I'd be best if I switched out my mace and shield for a 2h mace.

I also thought "DPS? Ok, Rockbiter ho!"

*sad horn music*

We get to the boss at the end of the dungeon and are about mid-way through the fight whe-


I'm dead as all hell.

So what was it? What lead to that aggro? Literally JUST Rockbiter? All I did was cast Flame Shock, put down a Searing Totem, and simply auto attack with my 2h mace with Rockbiter on it. Yes, I know spells create threat too, but it's not like I was casting Earth Shock.

That's all it takes to draw aggro? What happened to Warriors being able to tank shit so well? I haven't read the Warrior's kit, but what I did was WAY less than what I should be able to do without the boss aggroing to me.

So if Shaman can fill the roll of DPS, you're telling me I have to actually NOT use one of the main tools Shaman's have for DPS? I don't get that at all. I guess Flametongue is there for a reason, but I thought it was much less damage than Rockbiter (Catch 22).

Problem 3: Etiquette note.

I know I'm new to the game. I also know I'm ignorant on a lot of subjects. But when I make a note that I'd like to tank and get shot down, that I'd like to heal and get shot down, and make sure to ask questions and listen rather than act like I know what I'm doing, I don't expect to be laughed at.

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I briefly discussed threat (or hate), armor, healing, dps, and some other topics with the mage and the warrior in this group while we were looking for other group members. Being that I'm trying to learn, I accepted what they had to say and tried to fulfill my role.

When I died I was immediately met with:

"See, THAT'S aggro."

"You went down faster than a $2 hooker."

(and yes, laugh emotes)

I'm not saying most players are like this. What I am saying is that this is the first time I've really interacted with anyone in the game (other than an IRL friend of mine that's been playing WoW since release) and it's a real turn-off.

So, that's all I got. To me, the Shaman's kit points at 3 things: Healing, DPS, and tanking. I guess maybe there are some spells that I shouldn't use in a dungeon setting (rockbiter, earth shock) unless I'm supposed to be tanking (which is never). If you can give me some info to work with, I'd appreciate it.


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