World of Warcraft (WoW)

I’m loving the levelling/questing experience in this game.

So I’ve played retail on and off for years, and last year when Covid hit and the Uk went into lockdown, I started playing it more and getting into it more than I ever have. I love retail for its endgame content, and I likely always will.

But recently given the long wait between patches, I decided to give Classic a try. I was a bit worried because TBC is coming soon and I figured I’d likely just end up playing a dead game once it released, but thought why not go ahead anyway.

My god, I love it. I’ve only sunk 10-15 hours in so far, but it just feels so good. I love how every little piece of gear feels valuable. I love the fact buffs feel super impactful. I’ll give someone an int buff as I run past and they’ll give me one of theirs! I love how each fight lasts a more than a second, it feels more rewarding killing each mob.

I picked up tailoring and enchanting, and ended up making myself a wand. I think it’s the first time in forever where I’ve crafted something in an MMO that had a use before endgame. Normally it’s just rush to endgame, power level a profession and then it becomes useful. But I feel great slowly levelling and crafting gear that I can use on the way.

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For some reason I love how “small” the talents are. I’m upgrading fireball getting 0.1 off my cast time yet it feels like I’m making huge progress. Each time I level up I’m excited to use that new point! And the skills! I level up and get super hyped on my way to find a trainer wondering what I’ll have next to learn, because every time I get a new rank of spell it feels like I just chugged mage steroids compared to the old spell.

I guess I just love the feeling that the world is big, and I can carve my own little path through it without being a big god slaying hero. Retail feels like you’re essentially an unstoppable force from the get go. And that’s unavoidable with how far the story has progressed. And I like it, in that world. But it’s nice to play a version of WoW where I’m not the god slaying chosen one for once.

I’m a bit sad that I’ll likely not be able to raid, since everyone will be in TBC by the time I’m level 60, but at least I’ll be able to say I made it to max level in “vanilla”! Sorry for the rant, I just wanted to express my appreciation for the feeling this game gave me.

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