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I’m really loving the Shadowlands lore and looking forward to 9.1 (feedback)

The more I learn about the zones of Shadowlands, especially Revendreth, the more I fall in love with it.

In my first playthrough of the Revendreth leveling questline, I enjoyed it but didn't really feel the weight of the characters you meet. My second playthrough, though, was different, especially after doing so many keystone dungeons.

The second playthrough made me realize that you spend a good time questing with NPCs that later on in the endgame you'll end up fighting a lot in m+ dungeons and even in the Castle Nathria raid. In the first time over I didn't mind much, but now it's being quite a treat to see this much of worldbuilding/storytelling over characters that usually are nothing more than loot piñatas. Mad improvements in those aspects.

I was immediately surprised that Echelon has a whole personality, the guy who you engage in the dungeon by breaking the castle doors apart and flying at you as the start of an encounter. Also, General Kaal, a boss you come to just HATE in +14 and above because of her mechanics, especially in Storming weeks. Just having her talk to you as """buddies""" gave me the chills.

After doing the dungeons over and over, the part where the Accuser locks Echelon into a Stone Stun spell is waaaaay more impressive. For me all the storytelling, the emotions conveyed, they fit very neatly with the presented Revendreth/Venthyr lore, which gets more interesting the deeper I dig into, with all the sinstones, the amulets and countless objects and story elements that make the zone feel so rich.

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Those elements I mentioned about Revendreth can also be seen in other facets of Shadowlands, and I'm thrilled by the improvements in storytelling left, right and center.

The runecarving / runes of domination lore also is very interesting to me and gives another layer of depth to Death Knight lore that I really, really enjoy.

The spoilers of what we get to learn in 9.1 also get me really, really excited about it.

9.1 Spoilers


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