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In Shadowlands can Discipline Priest finally get some updated visuals for the rest of our spells?

Content of the article: "In Shadowlands can Discipline Priest finally get some updated visuals for the rest of our spells?"

Discipline Priest still has some realllyyyy old graphics in its toolkit:

Power Word: Shield This spell isn't meant to be flashy, but its not a good look to be able to visibly see the individual pixels from the 2000 era png they still use. Clarity of Will was a talent that gave us a spell that resulted in a shield with a different graphic that would suit very well, and the talent is no longer in use. Can we see its visual re-purposed for current Power Word: Shield? it is just the same visual but spruced up.

Pain Suppression As one of our biggest externals, and one of the most iconic (and powerful) ones in the game it really kinda looks like a ton of particles haphazardly thrown onto the target (a lot of re-colour Power Word Shields overlapping). I'd much appreciate a newer graphic for this spell.

Evangelism Evangelism is a talent for disc priests, but it is used almost constantly in raids (more than 9 times out of 10 for bosses) however it is a pair of teeny tiny wings for only a brief moment despite being incredibly powerful and very core to our ability to burst heal, yet has the most lackluster visual of any spell we have. Evangelism extends all of our Atonements for 6 seconds, it would be really nice if Evangelism gave us a blue Apotheosis effect for the 6 seconds that it has extended our durations by. To answer "Why blue", 1) it differentiates it from Holy's actual Apotheosis, and 2) as of the last set of spell effect updates they seem to be trying to tie "blue" into discipline priest's visual effects. When casting Power Word: Radiance half of the spell visual turns blue, pain suppression is blue, and our legion class mount for discipline priest is blue as well.

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These three spells are really core to discipline priest, but have really old graphics and I'd greatly appreciate seeing them get some updates. What i have described would be a recolour and a re-purposing of a now un-used graphic effect, only Pain Suppression would require a new visual effect entirely.

Hopefully they get updates sooner rather than later.


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