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In the light of the recently added Mythic Jaina Skip in BoD

Content of the article: "In the light of the recently added Mythic Jaina Skip in BoD"

I’d thought that in the light of the recently added mythic jaina skip it would be cool to showcase the evolution of Battle of Dazar’alor Skips i hope you guys can apprechiate this πŸ˜€


On the First day of the raid release “Battle of Dazar’alor” it was actually possible as an Alliance Character to get onto the boat that is next to and behind the instance portal early without using the gryphon to fly to it. It was possible because the damage the water does to you was completely avoidable if you jumped at the right time similar to the “lava jumps” in classic wow and with the help of the double jump it was very easy to get onto the boat. Other Classes could do it too it was just more tedious.

On this boat there is an npc that you can talk to which has an option to depart to the sixth boss “mekkartorque” on the first day of the raid launch the option to depart to Mekkartorgue was always there regardless of if you had killed the 5 bosses prior or not. It was quickly changed to only be avaiable when you killed rastakhan because If you killed rastakhan that means you killed the bosses prior to rastakhan right? RiGhT????


me and my friend andebob were trying to desperately find a skip to rastakhan at the same time in a livestream that we did together we used the same method “the Water Jump method” to go to the boat behind the instance portal to “break” out of battle of dazar’alor and walk around it at first we thought it was enough to use the gryphon after rastakhan to trigger the option to depart to mekkartorgue but that wasn’t the case we tried to go above the castle of dazar’alor to fly right onto the gryphon only to be stopped by an invisible wall

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Stopped By an Invisible Wall

That’s when i discovered a small hole in the castle which allowed us to infiltrate it


Small Hole in the Building

Going to Opulence was already an easy task by simply going around the area of battle of dazar’alor but this hole opened up the possibilty of a Conclave and a Rastakhan.

After finding both we thought of ways to get a whole raid to Rastakhan and it was a success using swapblasters and warloks we could get there but we didn’t manage to kill it because we sucked.

This was a game of cat and mouse after all of this blizzard increased the number of death zones around the water area to make it harder to go out of bounds which regardless of those death zones was still possible but more tedious. I’ve also heard of numerous stories from people that these death zones caused players to die when flying to the boat intentionally because they didn’t account for it to be there in the first place which led to them looseing the restricions on the death zones again but they put a death zone right before the hole of the building.

Death Zone infront of the hole <— Clickable Link

It turns out after all of this there was a much easier method all along on the horde side in which i had no involvement in the only footage i could find was by the youtube channel “Tian Lan”

which i think is the recently discovered skip talked about in this Wowhead post:

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If there is anything i missed let me or if i messed up any timelines let me know it’s been awhile πŸ˜€


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