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Is Argent Dawn Rep. Rewards Worth it?

Content of the article: "Is Argent Dawn Rep. Rewards Worth it?"

In this guide I just wanted to go over my thoughts are if it is worth getting exalted with Argent Dawn along with the rewards you can obtain. The Naxx Attunement quest is also tied to Argent Dawn rep in regards to the amount of gold that you will have to spend.

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After doing further research I found revered with Argent Dawn is probably the best route to go. This brings the turn in for Naxx Attunement to around 150g (2arcane crystals, 1 nexus crystal and 30gold). Revered is easily obtain as you can get near max out honored by doing Strat and Scholomance dungeon runs. Once you are maxed out honored there are several rep rewards for turn ins kind of like how AQ gates were.

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Each turn in gives you 50 rep along with either 1 insignia of Dawn or Insignia of Crusade. A lot of people will do these turn in mainly for the healing trinket if they don’t have a good trinket. Another big reason to do the turn ins are for the frost resist enchant (Ice Guard). The ice guard enchant can be attached to your legs and helm with +10 frost resist which will be needed for the Sapphiron Naxx fight. It requires 30g and 10 insignia of the crusade.

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There are many things you can turn in for the quest to get the insignia but they all vary in price per turn in. The turn ins I have found to be most cost efficient are:

30 Lightning Eel – Average AH price 15s (4.5g each turn in)

30 Plated Armorfish – Average AH price 15s (4.5g each turn in)

14 Thorium Tube = 86 thorium bars – 15s each bar (13g each turn in)

3 Radiant Circlet – 18 thorium bar 4 heart of fire = (10g each full turn in)

20 Major Healing Potion – 60s each (12g each turn in)

The prices for each turn in will vary depending on the supply and demand on your server. These are personally the items I am stocking up on and my server prices. The lightning eel and plated armorfish being the best overall though not many on the AH so I will probably go with 3 radiant circlet turn ins.

Argent Dawn Revered also gives you access to the +24 healing enchant for bracers and +5 frost resist for the back. Exalted only really gives you +5 resist to all enchant for back and no Naxx attunement cost.

To sum it up I think doing scholo & strat until max honored then do turn ins to get at least to frost resist Ice Guard enchants which by then will also make you revered is the best way to go.

Let me know your feedback and if you think it is worth going the extra mile to get exalted or not and if any of the other turn ins are better than the ones I mentioned.

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