World of Warcraft (WoW)

Is WoW PVP honestly even meant to be played?

After a long hiatus I wanted to return to WoW PvP. Only to be met with one of the most complex absurd barriers to entry I've ever experienced in a game.

At this point am I just barking up the wrong tree? Should I give up on WoW pvp? The game seems to honestly be NO PLACE for new/returning players who want to pvp.

Nothing was more satisfying than going into BG's after hitting level cap and playing smart with your bad gear until getting geared with Honor points, and then going into arenas to get conquest gear.

Now I can’t PVP until:

  1. Reach max level (easy, I know)

  2. Get rep to start Nazjatar quest line

  3. Do dailies to get essences for gear (weeks, months, depending on how much you can play)

  4. Legendary Cloak Quest chain– even starting this is hard and not explained. You need rep with 3 factions to even start. So if you breezed through leveling and didn’t do the reps you have to go BACK into the now scaling zones with objectively crap gear and get wrecked while grinding.

  5. Farm PVE Mythics and Dungeons for gear. Get a good enough RAIDER IO AND GEAR SCORE to even be spoken to be elitist, not to mention:

  6. If you’ve been away for a while you have to learn dungeons and raids, something no one seems to have any patience for

  7. Grind Dailies for essences to rank 2 and 3 to even compete in PVP.

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Even with the catch up mechanic I am a literal infant compared to people who've been steadily playing.


  1. Forced PVE Content to play PVP

  2. Rep grinds for gear

  3. Weeks or even MONTHS of grinding dailies for essences

  4. The time you have to invest to be relevant and competitive is absurd. There is no love for entry level players

  5. As a solo player with no friends who play starting from the bottom I feel like the game is setup to literally and physically deter me from playing. (And before you say make friends, most of the community are turds, meeting someone and the first thing you ask for is Mythic runs usually gets you ignored).

  6. Have to learn dungeons and raids even when you get gear which usually gets you made fun of or booted.

Is there any hopes for Shadowlands to rectify this? Or do I just need to finally walk away from WoW and accept only it's PVE elements?


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