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Issues with TBC arena and nameplate range

Just to start off I've played wow from about the beginning of MoP. I played a warrior in MoP and WoD and a DK through legion, I skipped BFA and played a warlock in classic and Shadowlands. Before then I used to watch my older brother play wow from about TBC to the end of Cata. He carried me to glad in the last season of MoP and taught me a lot about how the game worked. Since legion if I tried for glad I have gotten it. Now with some of the background info out of the way I want to talk about some of the biggest issues I see right now.

The first and probably biggest issue with arena at the moment is the nameplate range. I honestly haven't seen many people complaining about it especially bigger streamers who ultimately have the biggest influence on the community which in turn might have the biggest impact on the game. The nameplate range as a caster main is awful. The game plays awfully without it compared to retail. It is hard to keep track of dot timers, where the enemy caster/healer is. The nameplate severely effects arena awareness and it feels awful. I don't see why this can't be reverted. I believe it was changed to nerf the SPY addon back in p2. But now its tbc, we have flying and Wpvp will likely die out and I don't think SPY has much merit anymore. Nameplate range is a huge quality of life change and I think its important that we have it. Below I have listed some benefits and cons for nameplate range.

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Awareness in the arena on enemy team positioning.

Can track things like dots(although you can probably just setup Sarena or Gladius to do this).

Mouseover macros which many players use are easier to use because you can see where enemy players are.

LOS as a caster is not a nightmare. I saw a post claiming for nameplate range to be about 20 yards. As a ranged class a lot of my abilities are longer than 20 yard range I need to know if i'm pressing something like a focus macro that the enemy target is within range. Nameplates would help.


It may or may not have been this short back in tbc.

Some may argue that having nameplate actually removes some of the skill cap of keeping track of enemy players. (I disagree with this it just makes it annoying as a caster tbh.)

Feel free to add or argue about these points in the comments. I'm happy to add or remove points on this list if I agree.

Second is the tornados. They're annoying full stop. Random events in arena are annoying. There is a reason Tol Viron arena was removed. I don't think it promotes good gameplay. It also affects casters disproportionally. Getting a cast interrupted as a healer or a caster could be the difference between winning or losing. It sucks and it doesn't feel good to play with. No one has fond memories of losing because some tornado hit them on what would be their final game for 2200.

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Third thing I saw was MC bug. If you don't know what the MC bug is because you don't play retail let me introduce you to it. When a player is Mind controlled by a priest it bugs out there character sometimes and the player begins moving erratically teleporting to random spots in a 5 yard radius of where they are. This bug has been in retail for the entire duration of Shadowlands S1 and I don't think blizzard knows how to fix it. So hopefully it also being in tbc gives blizzard some root cause of what it is.

The fourth and final thing I wanted to mention is the not starting at 1500. I don't understand why its like this. Arena was a good way to gear up alts back in the day from what I have seen people saying. Having to start from zero just artificially makes people have to play more games. The only reason I might understand is if they don't want rating inflation. But I'd at least like an explanation from blizzard on their philosophy behind this change.

TLDR: There is a big issue with nameplate range. I don't like Tornados or rating changes. MC bug is here.


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