World of Warcraft (WoW)

Its time to deal with dead servers

Seriously, I feel like this can has been kicked enough, and the workarounds don't fix the problem, seeing all these ghost players you cannot fully interact with is not the same as a proper community.

At least for Europe EN so many servers are just dead or dying, and it's been this way for multiple expansions and just slowly gets worse. We have something like 100 servers, but honestly somewhere below 20 is more appropriate.

Its bad for returning players to find all the characters they've put thousands of hours into are basically stuck unless they want to pay an obsesce among to transfer them. It's bad for new players who probably have no clue on the importance of server and won't realise the bad part of it til endgame when it's too late. Its a problem that doesn't need to be one.

I would support some aggressive server merging, people say guild names and player names might be an issue but honestly a possible rename of my vanilla characterzls is such a small price to pay the getting to experience the game properly on them again. The difference between playing WoW on a low pop server and a high one is so insane, so many guilds and communities that just aren't there, something as simple as seeing familiar people is so much more common on high pops and it's one of these things so many people think is lost in modern WoW, but it's not. The majority of players are still on these low pop servers, and they're missing out on so much, and possibly don't even realise it.

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Isn't it time to do something? What do people think?


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