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Just got gkicked. Classic wow is fun in a fucked up way.

So today I logged on to see myself gkicked. Here's how and why.

So, a while ago, I got disgusted with a number of things regarding my previous character and I rolled a…warlock. I mean, why not, right? Now, locks are fun. You can't tell, but they are. Fairly fast grinding, fairly safe (as some rogues/hunters who attempted to gank me found out!)

I hit 55 and I was guidless. New server, new char, didn't really look for a guild, you know how it is. Suddenly, I got invited to join a guild. Well….sure, why not. The guy who invited me, another lock, starts telling me all about how good his guild is going to be, how they're going to be raiding mc soon etc. I didn't mention anything regarding having 2 x t2 chars already, I didn't want to come across the wrong way. So I just said something like "cool, man, you're going to do great".

Anyway, I keep leveling and I hit 60. The guy whispers me to tell me that he can help me with the lock mats for the "epic" mount. Alright, much appreciated; so he does help, DM:W done etc. I thank him and I go about my own business.

A few hours later (this was my first day at 60), a random guy whispers me. Hey, wanna come to ZG? So I tell him that I just dinged, basically, I've got no gear etc, but he replies with "well, did you train COR?". I mean…yeah…sure? "Great, that's all you need to do, come". They had like 10 melee in the raid and just needed a lock for COR 🙂 I went there, I got two tokens (couldn't use them, I didn't have the reputation at the time).

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So, being 60 and attuned to mc/bwl/onyxia (I managed to get all of these done during the first day and I got the briarwood reed trinket as well during the ubrs attunement run, go figure), I ask whether I could tag along for mc. I mean, at this point, I'm in mostly green/blue gear, obviously, so I know that I'd only get stuff nobody else wants; I mention that to them – as in "I'd just like to get whatever you'd normally disenchant". I'm told "no". Apparently, I need my pre-raid BIS gear first and it was to be enchanted, it's the LEAST I could do if I'm going to join them.

Oh well. It's still the first reset at 60, it's clear that I won't be able to go to MC with the guild, so I pug instead. I go to MC and get 2 felheart pieces, nothing really useful, but still better than green gear, right?

The next reset, I once again pug stuff. Nothing from onyxia, but I get 6 t1 pieces and the t2 leggings from ragnaros in MC, simply because I was the only lock in the raid. Not bad.

I go to ZG and I get the hit/dmg gloves, as well as several other minor upgrades (hakkar's necklace, for example); I now wear the ZG lock set bracers and shoulders for the +dmg bonus.

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Today, with a new reset in front of me, I went and did Onyxia. It's my third reset at 60 and…I got the t2 helm. It dropped, I got the highest roll, I got it.

Following that, I got gkicked. In case you're wondering why, it's because "I didn't raid with them". I asked for a raid spot, but I was told no, as I explained above; when I got gear, though, I got too much, so as it turns out, "it would be unfair to the other players" if I joined MC runs now, because I could just hoard dkp, because I got all the gear from pugs, whereas their casters would have to spend dkp on their t1 sets. So….I can't raid with them when I don't have the gear…and I can't stay in the guild when I got gear from pugs.

Classic wow, eh?


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