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Just leveled a character through Dungeons only, holy shit is this stuff unbalanced.

Content of the article: "Just leveled a character through Dungeons only, holy shit is this stuff unbalanced."

Leveling through the game with Dungeons now that everything scales is feels often like a fever-dream.

Randomly enemys are stupidly unbalanced, to a point where they are more difficult than certain Mythic Dungeons.

I never in my entire life wiped so many times before// needed to tryhard in normal dungeons sub 50.

Some Bosses and some Trashmobs just randomly are super saiyan.
Like playing WC and Druids dealing like 30% of your HP-Bar with one Wrath cast.

Or some Bosses just clapping 30%+ HP with each auto-attack
Which also ontop of that took us 2:30min while the Bear-Pet was perma slept.

HP&DMG just sometimes feels extremely absurdly High.
But not across the board, like in mythic+ stuff, just randomly some Mobs being stupidly strong, while some Bosses are just HP-Sponges that do nothing, not even their AA's are strong.

Some even being so Hardcore Overtuned that they are basically impossible to beat, which only happened to me once, which was in Maw of Souls on Helya.
Where the Destructor Tentacles just oneshotted the Tanks with Rapid Rupture.

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I actively raid Mythic and my guild was in the Top3 Server Kills of Ny'alotha HC.

I would say I and my mates are at least okay at the game, but I have absolutely no idea how New Players would be even come close to beating some bosses in the game if they arent able to communicate// able to properly play their class & use cooldowns effectively together.

We actually only did this because we were showing a friend the game for the first time, only to be met by these extremely absurd moments.

My best guess is that the system sometimes has severe problems with dealing with scaling if players are in the same group but many levels apart.
Like our Grp being in their low 40s and having 1 sub-20 Character in it.

Some Dungeons were fine, some were horrible.

What also seems to be a problem is that the damage of players also doesn't properly scale.
Which means you sometimes end up with stuff like this.
We made a meme out of it because the guy playing the Rogue is actually a 2.5k+ Arena player but couldn't produce comparable damage to safe his life.

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So my question is, did anyone else have this happen to them while leveling in Dungeons?


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