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Kicking around ideas – Genuine classless focused on archetypes – Disorder/Fel

I love classless ideas, but a lot of it seems to still get hung up on "affects warlock spells, warrior abilities, etc". Currently I am penning ideas about what I would like to design if and when I ever get to retire and focus on doing something for fun.

Currently, I am working on how I would organize spells/abilities/talents, and rather than use the default class organization, I would instead clump them in based on where in the cosmic wheel they would belong. This thought exercise begins with…Fel.

Fel is the marriage of Light and Shadow, and is a horribly addictive, powerful, and corruptive form of magic. It is the expression of Disorder, the anthesis of Order, and thus, an enemy of sorts of Arcane.

In my system, Fel can be used by melee as well as casters, and would have elements most in common with Legion's Shadow Priest in terms of its mechanics.

To start, Fel users have NO MANA, and thus cannot cast spells normally; fel magic takes life energy, and so fel users will use their own health (as well as the environment and their enemies) to power their spells. In game, abilities would cost life to cast, and generators would make Soul Shards. Spenders would spend Soul Shards. Both generators and spenders would fuel a Fel Corruption bar (similar to Spriests madness/Voidform bar), triggering Metamorphosis, and offering a slew of powerful effects, but risking death as these effects cost a far greater amount of health…imagine if the initial version of Surrender to Madness had a way to get out of it, but instead of just draining a bar, was draining your health the entire time, and you might have a decent vision of what I would intend for the Metamorphosis state.

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Spells/abilities etc would mainly be seen as pulls from Warlock and Demon Hunter lists, plus ones that make sense (like devouring plague retooled to not be a plague…maybe Fel Consumption instead). Pet lovers would also find demon summoning in the Fel tree. Fel users would also inherit things like DH tattoos and Warlocks heartier than typical for a caster type defenses to compensate for the dangerous game of using health to kill things style the tree is going to aim for.

What all do you think…would you be interested in a custom server that had a tree described like this? What all do you think should or shouldn't be in this sort of tree?


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