World of Warcraft (WoW)

Let’s talk head-cannon about the future direction of the Night Elves (head-cannon welcome)

Let's assume that one day Blizzard gets new leadership and stops acting like content and story development is a plague.

Night Elves

After the events of BFA their race is regrouping in Nordrassil and their leader is currently in the Shadowlands. But at what point do the Kaldorei start making choices that actually give them a stable future? As we have seen time and time and time again world tree's are not defensible positions. Even if you make them fire-resistant the protection does not offer the same level of protection that walled cities offer. And as we have seen with the High Elves (putting most of your race in one location is STUPID). How many times to mass genocides need to happen before people go "Maybe spreading out is a good idea….."

My head-cannon would be during the events of the Shadowlands someone grows the balls to contest Tyrande's leadership of their race. And who better than Mordent Evenshade? (The current leader of the Highborne). What if he has enough with the direction of their race as a whole and then two factions within the race form that have opposing ideologies that don't fight each other but don't reside with each other.

The Naturalists – Those who seek to embrace Druidism and it's lifestyle choose to remain in Nordrassil under the guidance of Tyrande/Malfurion.

  1. Focus on healing the forests and repairs. Their main focus should be purging blight, re-growing trees, and rebuilding the destroyed villages.
  2. Do something about Teldrassil. Even if inhabiting the world tree is never possible or desired again. It's really hard to imagine that the Cenarion Circle isn't trying to at least save the three from fully dying.

The Reclaimers – Those who seek to reclaim the former glory of their race when it was a true empire. As I mentioned Mordent Evenshade (one of the OG Highborne) becomes the leader of this faction and here are the steps the take:

  1. Become "Da King". As ridiculous as this is. It's a cannon thing per Traveler. All Mordent needs to do to remove the pests from this area is defeat their "king" in combat. Then he literally becomes the king of the Gordunni Orges.
  2. Reclaim Eldre'Thaslas – This gives them a defensible stone city in a land that already has several functional outposts and a functioning port.
  3. Tear down the stigma of Arcane. The Legion is no longer a threat.
  4. Establish a trade route/agreement with the Dranei at the Exodar – Any empire that wants to thrive needs allies and the humans are way to far to be reliable allies.
  5. Build a new headquarters for Elune worshipers on the old feathermoon stronghold location. This new society doesn't need to be exclusive to any one thought process. It's focus is reclaiming Night Elf glory in all of it's forms. And the priests of Elune are an important part of their culture.
  6. Invite the all of the fringe Night Elf factions into this new empire. The Moonguard, the Wardens, etc.
  7. Mordent Evenshade requests a political marriage to Veressa Windrunner | Invite the High Elves back – This eyebrow raiser for some but this new progressive Night Elf empire is led by a Highborne so why not invite the High Elves back? Regardless of what color they are they are still Elves.
  8. Work with Stormwind to make a deal with the Horde. The humans vacate Northwatch Hold and relocate to the cost of Desolace. If the Horde relocate their forces from Feralas. This seems like a good deal for both sides. It removes a giant human military base from being located right next to the Horde capital.


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