World of Warcraft (WoW)

LFM: US-based Alliance on TauriWoW Evermoon MOP

I'm not sure if this is appropriate for the sub, the rules on the sidebar don't seem to indicate any violations:

I wanted to just put out a small olive branch to anyone homeless looking for a server on U.S. timeframes to join us. Me and a few buddies (played WoW from beta thru BC) just started up on TauriWoW Evermoon Alliance the other day. We spent days trying to figure out where to play and what expansion.

Once we landed on MoP, honestly none of the servers really seemed to work for us from a population perspective (most seem to have huge spikes of population for EU time 2k+, but are dead during NA under 1000) and emulation perspective (wanting top notch scripting). While we would love if Tauri did a fresh server, that looks to be weeks or maybe months out.

Rather than stay paralyzed by choice, we decided to just get started. It is not perfect. Everyone on the server has been really nice and while it is true it seems most are fully progressed, I figure I know pop on the server is going to stay stable since it has been around awhile. Scripting so far seems to be perfect with everything working as it should and I've heard the endgame works perfectly. There does seem to be a smallish pop of new players who are leveling/running dungeons/raids for the first time. XP gain is only 2x, but we rather like that so we can gasp** take our time and enjoy the content a bit. We're hoping to run as many of the dungeons on the way up as possible and try to run the raids with other newer people so we can experience it without being carried.

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If you are new, this sounds fun, and want to have a small community of adults (mid-30s) with busy jobs to game with, encourage you to join us. Feel free to message me in-game (Bolded), anyone with the guild tag (Runic) or on here.

I hope folks take this the genuine request that it is: for a chill group to try to capture some of the glory we are all trying to achieve. Not asking for commitments or any sort of requirements, who knows where this will take us.

Ideal world a bunch of people take us up on our offer and we have a large group at different leveling curves helping each other out and feeling a little more connected.


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