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List of all bugs that came with Phase 2

Phase 2 of TBC Classic to bring the 2 new Raids, a new arena season and new dailys for Ogrila and Shatari Skyguards! Sounds nice, right?

Well lets take a look of what actually got implemented and what … got fucked up:

  • Ogrila got added, different quests bugged, flask bugged and was able to get sold, appearently a lot of bans for it

  • Shatari skyguard was bugged on first day according to some comments, not being able to start the quests

  • Terokk encounter for Shatari Skyguard is bugged for many people due to the NPCs not spawning and taking down the barrier

  • Karazhan got bugged for many people in the chess event, by not having any pet bar or often abilitys not avaiable

  • Karazhan attunement gone, noone knows if bug or intended

  • the same bug from chess event applied to many hunters, mages and warlocks in dungeon and especially arena, preventing their pets from doing stuff and therefore being useless

  • Morogrim in SSC had 2 items not on his loot table

  • Vashj in SSC had random threat drops on the tank during P3, causing the fight to be extremly random as the boss simply oneshots people before getting taunted again

  • Vashj had it happend to a few groups to simple evade during the encounter and reset health … one group she was on 5% when that happens

  • Kael'thas has the same problem with random threat drops on the tank to appear during Phase 4, making this phase an absolute mess and locks kills behind a random factor, because noone knows why it happens

  • Kael'thas and his adds have a certain range to drop their threat on people when getting resurrected/engaging, needing everyone to be within them during P3 start and P4 start or otherwise healers would start with dozens of thousands of threat on non-tauntable bosses

  • brewfest Qs are bugged for horde side, they simply REMOVED it partly

  • PvP Daily NPCs are missing after server restart on certain servers

  • Guild Banks had some small bugs with permissions

  • "Tobias the Filfth Gorger" is missing, possibly due to phasing issue around the brewfest – he is part of the TK attunement and therefore you can do that part right now

  • encountering Vashj after killing Kael can lead to healers applying the legendary mace effect to Vashj when getting MCed

  • the pet bar bug (chess, Arena, dungeons mentioned above) also restrict BWL as Razorgore cant be defeated

  • People reporting game crashed during Kael Encounter – I myself just got a ~15 screenfreeze once during Phase 3

  • Druids in flight form can not complete the Ogrila and Shatari bombing quests, as the item can only be used on mounts

  • Shaman Trainer in Ironforge went on a trip without notice

  • S1 items could be traded back for Arena Points with the start of P2

  • certain Mobs dont give Reputation with Shatari skyguard (namingly "Vakkiz" so far)

  • appearently Prophet Velen joined the Ironforge Shaman Trainer in his trip, guess they went fishing with Tobias …

  • Prince Malchezaar once again used Enfeeble on the tank rarely

  • it can happen, that you dismount upon logging in, when taking a flightpath before logging off – additionally this fucks up your channels (General is suddenly 3, trade is 4 and so on)

  • Succubi corpses pretty much stand still when dieing – maybe a protest against the Pictures changed recently?

  • the bombing quest for Shatari Skyguard often bugs out, requiring you to log out and in to reset it

  • once again for the 395893th time, german Server names got localized

  • mind Controlling adds is currently bugged aswell in some cases, due to the pet bar bug

  • by resetting Fathom Lord Karathress, it can happen, that his adds dont respawn with him, leading to him being alone

  • some Mobs in the old world are phasing out, preventing talking to them – especially Winterspring mentioned often

  • some trash in TK and SSC has evading issues – personally I can relate with the dragonhawks before alar … we pull them into a Corner and on knockback if the tank gets knocked into the wall, some rare times the dragonhawk evades and resets some % of his hp

Did I miss something?

Like seriously … how to you fuck up your entire game this much, they even had a PTR running for WEEKS … the threat drop for example got reported multiple times there.

" We hope to have fixes to these issues in place soon, but we cannot promise when or if any individual bug will be fixed."

EDIT 1: Added a lot of bugs reported from Reddit and in here.


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