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Low Mod Week is Nov 20-29 for Shadowlands Launch

Content of the article: "Low Mod Week is Nov 20-29 for Shadowlands Launch"

Due to Shadowlands launch overlapping American Thanksgiving weekend, we've extended what is typically a 7 day event to a 9 day one. Further, we have not forgotten the rules changes we proposed in September, though Blizzard moving the launch date screwed up our plans so we've decided to delay them until the new year.

With the release of Shadowlands, there is going to be an enormous influx of traffic from regular players, returning players, and new players. Trying to keep things perfectly organized during that kind of traffic spike is quite frankly just not a reasonable expectation. Even with the best of moderators spread out across different regions and time zones, we do still need to sleep, eat, and want to play our mains during release just like you do. As a result, we will be relaxing moderation during launch week.

This event will begin Thursday November 19th around 7pm EST, or the 20th GMT.

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What does "relaxed moderation" mean?

We will still…

  • …remove spam, NSFW, offensive, and non-WoW related content.
  • …enforce standard rules of civility. Be excellent to each other.
  • …review user-submitted reports.

We will not…

  • …remove memes.
  • …remove transmogs.
  • …remove common questions.
  • …remove "low effort" content.
  • …check the mod queues or spam filters as often.
  • …respond to mod mail as quickly.

Be advised: If you somehow manage to get banned, even with these relaxed rules, we will be enforcing a stronger minimum ban duration of 14 days.

Helpful Resources

Final Reminders

  • With the Shadowlands pre-patch there was a stat squish
  • With the Shadowlands pre-patch there was a level squish, taking you from the Battle for Azeroth cap of 120 to 50.
  • Make sure your add-ons have been updated.
  • Make sure that your graphics card drivers have been updated.
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