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Most interesting new questline ideas for Children’s Week from a lore perspective?

It's Children's Week! This is my first time experiencing it and I find it pretty neat to see all the sights that exist just for this event and have the kids follow me around on journeys. You can see the quality increase as you tackle each quest, too. Starting with the human/orc children that are just a bunch of locations to see, then the Draenei/Blood Elf children who have somewhat of a story brewing with the Draenei having a bright future and the Blood Elf performing for the band, then the Oracle and Wolvar children having a lot more unique interactions from each other by visiting different locations, and finally the Kul Tiran/Zandalari children having full storylines going on, with the former deciding what he wants to be when he grows up and the latter conning you.

It just got me thinking what pair of orphans I could think of that could have a cool and unique storyline to add. I also want to know what you would come up with, but here's my idea:

Gilnean and Goblin orphans. Both are still started from the Stormwind and Orgrimmar orphanages.

I think they're both from races whose capitals are just sitting around in disuse so if they had quests that had you go back there, there would at least be some purpose for them now. Here's what I'd do.


This child's parents would have actually died in the Burning of Teldrassil (since this is coming in modern WoW times). The matron tells the player this and also under her breath warns that he really wants to go back to Gilneas so you shouldn't cave in.

The first three quests are to visit the Darnassus refugee area in Stormwind where he talks with some displaced Gilneans, go to Darkshore where he sets up a homemade tribute to his parents on the shore nearest Teldrassil, and to visit Genn Greymane (who would be in the courtyard during this). Greymane gives a speech about how children like this one are the future of Gilneas and all that. The child asks about visiting Gilneas and Greymane says he should not return there until it is cleared of the enemy entirely as it is too dangerous. The kid says he barely remembers Gilneas because he was so young but Greymane just tells the player to keep his mind off Gilneas.

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The next set of two missions are set in Gilneas. The kid begs the player to take him there and says that Greymane is actually about to set out on a boat to check in on things there and so you can both stowaway. You do so because the player character does whatever anyone tells them to do as long as experience is involved. First they want to visit the cathedral where they walk around in awe and say their parents told them this was where brave Gilneans made their last stand against the Worgen while the rest escaped. Then he wants to visit Greymane Manor where he runs around checking out all the rooms and saying his family never got to come there.

For the final mission, he wants to go to the now-sunken Duskhaven before you return to the orphanage because that is where he used to live when he was a baby. While somberly looking at the ruins, a Forsaken assassin shows up and says something about how the others called them crazy but they knew if they hung out long enough they'd catch lingering rats. From off-screen, Genn Greymane calls out and leaps in as a Worgen, slaying the assassin. (Maybe the child also turns into a Worgen pup because that would be adorable. He could make them promise not to tell anyone because he's trying to keep it under control.) The kid apologizes but Greymane just says he's happy worse didn't happen. He noticed some supplies were thrown from their crates and saw a trail of packing straw leading from the ship, indicating stowaways. After chiding the player, he ushers both back onto the ship and after a loading screen you're back in Stormwind where you turn in the quest. The kid thanks you for letting him see Gilneas finally and hopes to return someday.

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This child's parents died like many goblins do: in an explosion of their own making. After saying sweet childlike things to you she quickly drops the act and says she needs your help because she's wanting to work her way into Gallywix's operations to one day take over. (I know Gallywix isn't the Trade Prince of the Horde anymore but he's still running his own operation).

The first three quests are pretty close together. She wants to go to the secret lab in Azhara where she shakes her head at the sloppiness of the experiments there and sets about building something that she doesn't inform the player about. Next she wants to go to Bilgewater Harbor where she inputs some code into "Gallywix's Pride" that she says is for extra assurance later. A goblin walks in and asks her what she's doing and she instantly puts back up the innocent child act. Finally she wants to go to Gallywix's Pleasure Palace where she gets involved in a discussion with a bunch of guests, subtly finding out names of Gallywix's trusted followers.

The next two quests start with her finding out a blimp is taking off from the Pleasure Palace and going somewhere, and she wants to be on board. The player takes her on board and it flies to Kezan where the Bilgewater Port is apparently being reconstructed secretly by Gallywix's men and he himself is present. She is surprised things are moving so quickly but is excited all the same. First she wants to visit the mines where she discovers the Kajamite, at least for now, is still gone. Then she goes to the first bank of Kezan which is in ruins, and she gets disappointed when she discovers the gold isn't in fact, just loosely laying around for the taking.

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Finally she realizes the time and knows she has to go back soon or people will get suspicious. But she wants to try to get near Gallywix himself to overhear what he's discussing. Upon arrival, Gallywix actually immediately notices her and asks just what is going on. The girl laughs, says this is too easy, and then holds up her invention from the secret lab, saying Gallywix is about to enjoy life as a chicken. The device explodes instead and the girl is knocked down. Gallywix laughs at her but says he overheard a lot of what she'd been planning and she reminds him of a young version of himself. He decides to take her under his wing instead to watch her more closely, and pays the player off with some of the mechanical pets found lying around Bilgewater Port, saying their scrap could be worth something. The player goes back to Orgrimmar where the matron is dismayed at the turn of events but says she doesn't know what she expected from a goblin.

Anyway, what orphan storylines do you think would be interesting?


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