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My experience of each class in a raid context

Content of the article: "My experience of each class in a raid context"


-Warriors are objectively the best, strongest, most versatile class in Classic. They're largely agreed to be the best tanks, and arguably the only viable tanks on a majority of the game's content, with only feral druids being occasionally viable for some fights. Warriors are simultaneously the best damage class in the game, scaling incredibly well with gear. This makes them very popular, but makes warrior gear heavily contested, and so there are severe diminishing returns to bringing lots of warriors, unless they're already very geared.


-Rogues are a pure damage class, and bring very little-to-no raid utility. That being said, their damage is also extremely high, on par with Warriors, with the downside of not being able to fulfill the tank role at all (outside of extreme emergency cases of tanking for 15 seconds with Evasion). Their main non-combat responsibilities are disabling traps (really only relevant for one part of one raid) and distracting targets to help with pulls. Rogues compete with Warriors significantly for gear, and damage-dealing Warriors can sometimes take relevant Leather items away from Rogues, while Rogues cannot do the reverse with Plate items.


-Hunters are ranged, pure damage and their damage is generally viewed as medium. However, they have a unique responsibility of using Tranquilizing Shot, a special ability that disables certain bosses' enrage mechanics. This makes them effectively mandatory for most raids. Hunters are also generally viewed as ideal for pulling responsibilities, although this role is given to one singular Hunter for the entire raid. Hunter pets generally bring very little to a raid context. Some encounters may require a Hunter to kite certain enemies, but this is largely uncommon.


-Mages are a ranged pure damage class, with their damage sitting above Hunters but below melee classes (usually). Being ranged, they generally have an easier time dealing consistent damage (as many enemies have anti-melee abilities, such as cleave or AoEs) which often puts Mages above other classes in terms of damage. Mages also bring a wide array of useful abilities to a raid: an excellent buff in the form of Arcane Intellect, the rarely-used Amplify/Dampen Magic, top-tier AoE damage abilities, Polymorph to disable targets, removing Curses, conjuring water and food, making Portals and probably a few other things I missed. They are all around extremely solid and extremely reliable with no significant downside.

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-Warlocks are another ranged pure damage class and suffers somewhat in a raid context due to limited debuff slots. Their damage is generally lower than Mages', but they bring near-mandatory abilities in the form of Curses that improve the damage of other casters, Healthstones functioning as secondary healing potions, Soulstones for wipe protection and out-of-combat summons for logistics. As with Hunters, Warlock pets have very limited use in a raid context.


-Generally viewed as healers, their damaging abilities are seen as poor and their tanking abilities extremely limited for most fights (though clever use of spamming Greater Blessings can be a valid way of generating aggro, and is exploited for certain fights.) Their healing abilities are superb, can instantly save targets from danger in an instant by using Blessing of Protection or Lay on Hands. They bring some of the best buffs in the game, and having multiple Paladins is generally a boon to grant the raid different blessings. They can save themselves from danger with Divine Shield, and give their own group a helpful Aura making them useful in large numbers. Paladins also have the highest flexibility when choosing from gear, being able to equip all armor types, often dipping down to cloth items for healing gear while still being able to take Leather and Plate items when available. Paladins also have the strongest cleansing ability, being able to dispel Magic effects, Diseases and Poisons (no other class can dispel three types of debuffs – other healers are limited to two types.)

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-Also generally seen as healers, although Shadow Priests bring some utility in the form of Shadow Weaving and Vampiric Embrace while dealing medium damage. Priests have an extremely wide range of options for healing, Power Word: Shield for emergency situations, multiple mandatory raid buffs, miscellaneous utility in the form of Power Infusion or Lightwell. They also have spammable group-wide AoE healing in the form of Prayer of Healing, which other healers do not. Dwarf Priests are seen as generally preferable due to Fear Ward, a highly useful Dwarf-only utility buff.


-Druids are generally viewed as medium in all roles – their tanking abilities have significant (but not insurmountable) gaps, their DPS generally falls below other classes and their healing is limited when compared to a Priest's, with two significant mechanical disadvantages: Most of their healing spells focus on healing over time, with multiple Druids overwriting such effects on the same target, and taking up buff slots on the target being healed, which at high levels can push off other, more important buffs, often making heal over time effects forbidden when using world buffs. Their healing kit does not include a fast-casting heal like Flash Heal or Flash of Light, which makes raid-healing a struggle as their slower heals tend to be sniped by faster healers. These downsides are mitigated by some Druid-exclusive utility abilities: they bring a powerful raid buff, a mana-restoring Innervate generally used for supporting other classes and an emergency in-combat resurrection spell for recovering from mistakes. Their Nature's Swiftness talent also provides them with a powerful emergency heal, on a much shorter cooldown than Lay on Hands but much less spammable than Power Word: Shield.


-idk I play alliance, I hear Chain Heal is good?


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