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My experience on chromiecraft so far

Hello everyone, just wanted to write a bit here about my experience so far on Chromiecraft.

Before we start a bit about me, I started playing in ~2012 and played on and off since then, got LOD on Warmane (@30%) and Dalaran (@5%), I play mostly PvE. On Chromie I now have 2 toons at 49 and did a bunch of BGs (as I read many reviews on this sub before "Leveled to 20, found 2 bugged quests, terribly scripted server). I am not associated with CC staff or anything of that sort.

So, what is the server like? First of all, the bracket caps really took out the "must get to max lvl as fast as possible" for me, usually leveling is an abosolute chore but this time it was much more bearable and I took in much more of the world and appreciated eg the dungeon designs much more. You can RDF which is probably the fastest way to cap, but also super boring. Many players seem to be new to the game (skill in general is not that high, e.g. compared to Dalaran), but they are all having a good time. As the server is not huge yet, community is pretty tight-knit and the most active people all know each other.

How is the scripting quality? Pretty good from what I can tell, though I did not actively hunt for bugs. For me, raids+classes are the most important aspects for a servers scripting – raids are not out yet but classes seem to be working mostly correctly (though I think e.g. rogues have some bugs atm), for my hunter and paladin I didnt find anything broken. Dungeon mechanics all appear to be working (im not an expert here as Im used to broken scripts on other servers and dont know classic dungeons well), ZF stair event can sometimes bug out but its possible to finish. If you are coding inclined, you can even fix bugs yourself that annoy you on the server. I understand many people don't know how to code but if you know a bout about programming, I tried it this week, it's not insurmountably hard.

What do you do once you're at level cap? Most people do PvP in the form of BGs, I haven't tried arena yet. The GMs and some community members also host regular events which is a breath of fresh air. People also farm stuff for the next bracket or try to get enough gold for dual spec.

How are BGs? Obviously the lower level PvP is rather imbalanced and Blizzard never addressed this. So yes, there are definitely FotM classes – but a) they change from bracket to bracket and b) most classes are at least playable. Also as I said the average skill level is not that high, so it's definitely possible to outplay people and win BGs that way. They also increased BG experience to level, but at the same time have ladders for 10-19, 20-29 and 30-39 bracket, which give cosmetic rewards, so the low level BGs are unplayable and full of twinks.

Anything else? One of my favorite things about the lower level cap is that it makes the game not completely solved, there arent 10 guides online that theorycrafted the best way to play X class yet. If you are so inclined, you can try to optimize gear to squeeze out more points, or change up your rotation compared to 80 as the scaling might be different. You also need to account for the fact that classes don't have all their abilities yet, so the meta is quite different than what you might be used to. It's also nice that getting "BiS" (whatever that is) does not take forever, and in general gear is way less important than it is at 80. As a side note, GMs are quite active in world chat and moderate it much more strictly than on other servers, so global is not constantly talking about black people which is nice.

What will the future look like? You can see their planned progression on their website, TLDR is that we will have brackets for 50-59, then 60 with MC, then a bracket for each vanilla tier, then 60-64 and 64-69 (I hope/assume they will merge these), 70 with t4, again a bracket for each TBC tier, etc. In the past each bracket took roughly 2 months, but I assume this will likely be longer for future raid tiers (maybe not MC yet, but afterwards). In short, you should not play here if you want to raid ICC in 2 months and raidlog in 4. Vanilla and TBC raids will most likely not be buffed (at least not significantly) according to the devs. If you want a chill time and to progress through different brackets, analyze classes in new ways, and just have fun instead of raiding the same raids, give it a try.


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