World of Warcraft (WoW)

My feelings about PandaWOW.

I'd like to talk about my personal feelings for my experience in PandaWow.
Sorry for my english and sorry for my wall of text.

I started playing on PandaWow x5 on launch day.

I know I know "Why you play theeere, you are maaad" xD
I know this but I never played in a "FRESH MOP REALM" and I'm just wasting some time there and so
I want to test the quality of the scripting and content 'cause i'd like to have my opinion about this server.

My experience at launch day was "normal" because they had some lag issues that was immediately fixed, some crashes 'cause many players.
For the first two days we got something like 3000/4000 players so I was thinking that this is a good start.
After 4 days of opening (now there are something like 1800/2000 players) crashes continue to happen and just today staff replies with "we know, we are working on it, the crashes are kinda complicated but we'll fix that".
We shall see.

For the first 2 days Dungeon Finder didn't works good.
For now Dungeon Finder still have a lot of issues. You are forced to choose the option "Specify Dungeon" for queueing and even with this sometimes doesn't works.

Every flight path doesn't have flying animation.
Some issues with professions (like herbalism or skinning) and NPCs have an incorrect dynamic respawn timer (really too fast for a progressive server)
I found some bug for my class with talents and spell procs.

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They have a Tmorph npc in the major cities that can change your appareance ingame for free with every other races (both factions) or with "famous" NPC (like Valeera).
It's funny but I don't like a lot this type of things in a progressive server imo.

Today they opened a shop with:

  • Change faction/race/nickname/customizations (it's okay)
  • Restoring a removed character (it's okay)
  • Buying gold / Buying levels (not good for a fresh progressive server openend from 4 days)
  • Premium account (okay… why? I dont think is a progressive attitude)

Now i'd like to talk about community.

One or two months ago their "intention" seemed to offer an "International progressive server" (youtube videos in english for trailers, hotfix, promotion and so on)
They ask to use english channel for English/International people and they have an english channel in Discord.
So everything should be international for everyone…

Instead everytime that I play with random people I found:

  • People that never talk in english language even I told to them that I don't understand russian language
  • People that ignore me or if I ask something in english they answer in russian language (???)

Don't worry, you can find some international english-speaking guild (just 2 or 3 – i'm talking about horde side) but you'll have troubles with random people because 95% seems to refuse to use english language (and I don't know why).

They promoted this server with an "international approach" but I don't see this result to be honest.

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Now I wanna talk about Pandaria content.

In general people say that MOP content it's okay.
I don't know other things because I'm just around lvl 70.

Some people in game said those things:

  • The pre-MOP zones (Cataclysm) are a mess. Totally nightmare. If you are not "skilled" with pservers you could find a lot of troubles.
  • You don't need to do any pre-quests for Klaxxi, just rep. This is really bad.
  • You don't need to do Xuen quests to unlock "Vale of Eternal Blossom" 'cause it is already unlocked. Really bad again.
  • It's a hard to make a DK 'cause the starting area have a lot of autocomplete quest, phase issues and respawn time too long for objects/npc.

Some players of the x100 realm have said that SoO is good there so I can expect it should be good also in x5 but i'm not really sure about this and noone of other x5 players knows that because we are in 5.0 content.

The only reason why I wanna risk to stay here until level 90 is that i never played a fresh mop realm but every day I ask to myself:"Why?" xD

First of all they said that this is a progressive server but now I can confirm that this is a custom-fun-wannabe progressive server.
From level 1 to pre-MOP zone the leveling experience you can expect is 5/10.
Their changelog are global for all the realms so I don't know if their fix are already in x5.
There is not any bugtracker for english speaking people.
Basically, I can't report anything because I don't speak russian language.
PandaWow x5 premises are not good so far in my opinion.
I dont know about my future experience here.

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Should I recommend PandaWoW x5?

Absolutely NO for a real progressive-player, YES for a casual bored player that doesn't really care about bugs. A lot of bugs.

I hope that my post and my feelings can help everyone that are thinking to play here.
Have a nice day.


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