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Nameplate Range on Beta – Arena

Since arenas have gone up on the beta instant 70 testing realm, myself, and I'm sure at least a few other people were surprised and excited to see that in arenas (and nowhere else) the nameplate range was a little over 40 yards. With this latest beta build that they released though, arena nameplates are significantly reduced, to the point where you can blind an enemy as nameplates pop up (15 yards).

I personally have been playing shadow priest since vanilla, and have been Glad/R1 every season I've played, but given the choice between playing SPriest with 20yard nameplates or just playing Rogue / Warrior, I'm definitely not going to be playing SPriest. I can only assume that there have to be at least a few people in the same boat as me, who see nameplate range as too big of a QoL issue to want to bother playing a ranged class in arenas.

There are other QoL issues for casters that would fundamentally change how the game was played, such as spell pushback, mana drain comps, etc, which should NOT be changed because they are integral to how the game is played, but nameplate range seems to be a huge QoL increase without dramatically changing how arenas were played.

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With the advent of #somechanges, this QoL change feels like it should definitely be a fairly popular one.

The reason for capping nameplates at 20yards seems to have been either because players wanted #nochanges, or because of world pvp issues. If, like they were on the beta until yesterday, the nameplates were only increased in arenas, this would make the world pvp reasoning obsolete, and the #nochanges has kinda been tossed in favor of #somechanges.

However, maybe I'm wrong and people like the 20 yard range, so I thought that a poll might be the easiest way to accurately gauge the community sentiment.


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