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New players who want to play a warrior in classic fresh: windfury totem is definitely fun and strong, but do not overestimate it.

I know this is nothing new for most of you guys, but I saw some people kinda new to vanilla argue that windfury totem horde side made warriors generate significantly more rage in pve and that it made them way more deadly than alliance warriors…and unless we're talking dungeons with absolutely no buffs whatsoever apart from that, it's just not true:

Basically, in pve:

-blessing of kings + blessing of might are way more reliable than windfury totem: it's there, it sticks, no matter how far you move, no matter how far away you get from the aforementioned totems. During the whole course of a raid, on average, you're gonna get a very reliable amount of rage from these two alone. Also, 10% more stats scale fantastically with world buffs for warriors, it's really really good.

-The human weapon skill: one handed swords are way better than one handed axes in vanilla, so the orc axe weapon skill racial, despite being useful, is not nearly as good as humans.

-Elemental sharpening stones: as horde you can only have one, since windfury doesn't stack with them. Which means that you get +2% crit compared to the +4% crit (which is very very big for warriors) that alliance warriors get. So it's a 2% crit difference

So, tldr:

-Alliance gets +10% stats with kings, blessing of mights, blessing of salvation which lets you go all out, the human weapon skill which is BIG if you use swoeds in terms of rage generation, +2% crit compared to horde.

Also keep in mind that windfury is range: a whole 30 seconds can pass with you not benefiting from it at all, or you can get 4 in a row and get full rage for several seconds, without getting any for the next minute. It's range, that's how it is.

Now when it comes to pvp:

Windfury can be devastating, and fun, but again it's very range, and very unreliable: you have to be near it even though pvp means you're going to be moving everywhere all the time, you have to be in a shaman party, the shaman has to not be in "full solo" mode where he just wants to spam chain lightning on people, and so on…although wf totem gets destroyed very often as soon as it's used. Tldr: it can work, and it can be devastating, but it's very unreliable in pvp, and again, it's rng. Don't think it's an absolute murder tool, because the vast majority of the time it isn't.

-Alliance has holy paladins (yes, them, again): 12 seconds of being impossible to stop with blessing of freedom, cleanse (dispells poisons, curses, magic in one go), blessing of sacrifice, very efficient heals, very hard to kill healer, hoj, auras, kings and might, bubbles yada yada…it's just that good.

I'm not saying one faction is better than the other: a good ele shaman who knows how to use wf totem with his warriors mates can be super annoying, but overall, it takes way more work than paladins.

So no, horde warriors don't generate that much more rage in pve, don't do that much more damage (plus they can't go all out) and are not that much better in pvp.

Just wanted to add my two cents.


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