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New players will hit an invisible wall when going through BFA

Content of the article: "New players will hit an invisible wall when going through BFA"

With the new changes, BFA levelling is the standard for new players and is meant to have been streamlined for simplicity, with you now being forced through the three zones in a specific order rather than choosing your starting area and the HoA nonsense being removed. So, I decided to give it a try and just followed where the game's story seemed to suggest I go next.

There's one massive issue, Blizzard for some reason made it so you can't move beyond the first zone until you reach level 25, even if you've completed the first zone's main storyline. Completing that storyline and some nearby side quests puts you into the early 20s, which results in this You just get left in the city with a map that honestly makes it feel like your game is bugged (I actually thought it was a bug and took a while to discover the actual cause was the hidden level req) Turns out, in order to hit this invisible level requirement I had to go through a number of side quests in the zone. This is a problem because there was no indication that the map was going to suddenly start working and let me continue the expac if I returned at 25. This seems beginner unfriendly, at least in my opinion.

I know there was a big deal about Shadowlands having this hidden level restriction on your levelling progress, but I couldn't find any mention of the fact new players have to experience it during BFA too (I assume because we're all using Chromie Time for our alts). So I figured I'd try and bring some attention to the issue.

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Ideally they should just remove the restriction (why does it even exist for BFA or SL?) but at the very least it needs to tell you in the game why you're not being allowed to progress to avoid confusion.

Blizz please.

Edit: words. (title should also probably say 'can' not 'will', oops)

Edit 2: Seems it's probably not a direct issue that horde players run into, but the level restriction and not telling you about it in game are issues regardless.


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