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New website around M+ – Feedback appreciated !

Content of the article: "New website around M+ – Feedback appreciated !"

Hello everyone,

Short disclaimer: I am not an native English.

TLDR: With a bunch of friends, we are making a website for M+ players. It’s work in progress.

End goal is gathering end game push strategies (cheeses, snaps, class tips like spell reflect, shadowmelds, etc…) that we will discover over Shadowlands seasons. Right now, it shows basic strategies for the dungeon. In its current form, think about it as a M+0 companion for your first weeks.

I would love to hear your feedback, critics and opinions over the execution, the vision and if you would use it, recommend it or support it. Anything that comes to mind really.

Also made a Discord for now: (cause everyone has one, so why not us. No really, it’s more to discuss strats and suggests new ones/things one saw)

Long form version:

I’ve been pushing a little M+ in BfA, ending S4 (non prepatch) at 4500 RIO. I realized it was very hard to learn new tricks for those key levels. It’s one of the biggest value proposition of The Titanforge Podcast for me from Dratnos Tettles and Trell (they are also entertaining and hilarious), but the usability for the purpose of searching for strategies they previously explained was… chaotic. The more I pushed keys, the more I was hoping they would cover how to deal with X ability of boss Y.

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Anyway, I thought with my professional skills and some help from friends for content, I could give a try to fix those issues. The goal is a community built website where people submits / suggests tips and tricks for each dungeon/class that could be listed. We would curate the information and present it in a highly easy to digest way, synthesized and documented. This would be done through different submission facilities on the website (call to actions) and a Discord where we can discuss each thing.

The use case would be:

  • A viewer sees a cool thing he has never seen before in a PUG key or on a stream, and simply gives us a brief (or long) description of it. We investigate (try to find the VOD of the stream or go in the key with the community ourselves), shoot videos, and all the necessary material, and document it on the website.

The list of covered topics could be as followed (non definitive, just my early thoughts):

  • Tips and hacks in M+ and how to do them (Think of most boss/trash, like how to move on last of UR, how to kite bird in FH, how to LoS Eudora, ToS Shroud last boss hack, etc etc)
  • Possible snap spots in the dungeons
  • Class specific tips for dungeons/trash, like the reflectable warrior spells, ways to solo interrupt specific mobs, shadow-meldable/FD/invis/vanishable abilities
  • Possibly up to date routes, with possible upvote system for them, organized per affix week
  • Weak auras or addons to help on certain mechanisms (container/box hiding & DPS in Workshop, etc)
  • Covenants tricks per dungeon (be it abilities like skips, or specific objects for that covenant)
  • Different skips
  • Big pulls that aren’t as hard as one might think at first
  • Mob and boss tips to better deal with them at high keys (like Tol Dagor mobs that cast a shield on nearby allies (Jess floor). You can CC the shield and activate their cooldown so they won’t recast, and keep your kick for the bolt going on your tank so he doesn’t get murdered at high keys)
  • Maintained list of streamers, organized by content (toppest pushers …) as well as specs (highest mage/rogues pushers …), probably also raid streamers and general content stream
  • Various guides and youtube videos/channel, utility website and class discords
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Essentially, anything that we can think of that would be a good resource for players progressing through M+ content.

There is a potential extension into raiding guides targeted at standard players and not raid leaders (who would need a more detailed strategy probably).

No matter what the content would be, the goal remains to offer a high quality experienced, curated and edited content, and easy to digest/highly synthetized bites.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you would appreciate this early version.



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