World of Warcraft (WoW)

New World – a non world threating wow expansion – Fan Made inspired by Kobolds and Catacombs (Hearthstone)

Custom World of Warcraft Expansion – New World

Introduction :

After the war with Death, The Factions return back to Azeroth. Three years passed without any problems, with Peace among the Horde and the Alliance. The Gnomes and Goblins have started Constructions in various areas of their faction. However, both the Horde and Alliance have limited sources to continue. Traveling to find resources, both ships come face to face with each other in an area close to the Maelstrom, a Naval battle begins between the two ships, after a few moments of fighting, they find themselves faced against a Tsunami, that destroys their ships and leaves them stranded in an unknown island, never seen or heard before.

Picking up whatever supplies they can find, The factions landed on a beach, the Alliance on the North part of the Beach while the Horde on the South part of the Beach.

The Horde, Led by Grand Magister Lyris, Daughter of Grand Magister Rommath. Assisted by the Twin Trolls, Azun and Jin’zo, and Soldiers of various Horde Races, as they proceed in the Island, they find a Cavern with a hot aura inside. As they approach the cavern, a band of Kobolds attack the group. Fending off the attack easily, They enter inside the cavern. A Quake breaks the entrance, Trapping them inside.

The Alliance, Led by The Twin Stormwind Paladins, George and Karl, Assisted by Graves the Cleric, The Band of Priests and Paladins have found themselves on the front of the North part of the Beach. Walking towards the beach to find sources, they discover an Entrance to a cave. Not long before they enter the cave, they come face-to-face with Troggs. Easily defeating them, but they discover that a powerful Shaman Trogg was left behind. It creates a Quake to the ground, which they fall down into an area, full of snow.

Features :

  • Level Capped to 70.
  • 4rth Spec for all Classes (Demon Hunter gains 1 )
  • 6 new Zones, 1 new Capital
  • Recruit new allies for your faction. A System where you pick a Horde or Alliance Race at the start of your day and you get quests that are bonus.
  • 8 new Dungeons. 1 new Raid.
  • 3 Patches. 2 Major 1 Minor
  • Revamped Areas in Major Cities and Different Zones!

4rth Specs for All Classes :

Warrior : Battlemage ( Dps, both ranged and Melee ) You will learn how to use Mage and Warrior spells that are unique to this spec. Fire, Frost, Arcane, Shadow, Fel, Everything. Enchant your weapons, Enhance your power, and generate Mana AND Rage. Some spells will generate Mana and other rage.

Primary Stat : Mana and Rage. Weapons are the same as the Warrior now.

Paladin: Darklight (Dps) You will have Shadow-themed Spells, Void as well, Dark themed armor and summoning Tentacles to stun the targets. Blasts of Shadow and Void, and cursing the land with Void Eruptions.

Primary Stat : Rage. Weapons are the same as Paladin already.

Priest: Domination. (Ranged DPS and Self harm ) Taken from Shadowlands, the priests learned the way that The Maw works, Summoning minions that deal damage to enemies and allies, but buff the allies with more damage, Controlling enemies for a small period of time, and inflict confusion to enemies and allies ( also grants them shield for allies)

Primary Stat : Mana. Weapons. Staves, Wands and Offhands.

Mage:Bloodmancy (DPS Spec with Self healing and Harming) Where they draw Blood from their enemy to heal them, blood magic to inflict damage, Summoning Blood-themed minions and familiars, and Drain Blood from their enemy to create barriers and armors for themselves.

Primary Stat : Blood. Similar to Mana. Weapons : Staves, Wands and offhands.

Demon Hunter: Warden (Melee and Ranged Dps) This spec can be choosed at the start, As they try to help the Wardens in the starting area, they are granted their power in order to save the world from the Legion, Throwing Weapons, Agility and Less Damage from spells.

Primary Stat : Agility. Weapons : Daggers, Glaives, One hand swords.

Death Knight: Necromancy (Healing Spec) Summoning minions that cannot attack, only to destroy them and restore health to your targets. Resurrecting your dead party, but if it's on CD or in combat, then you can resurrect a portion of it, a small skeleton that will heal nearby targets (AL Unit).

Primary Stat : Intellect. Weapons : Staff, Wands and Offhands, Polearms.

Shaman: Avatar (Tank DPS) Avatar spec is something that the Shamans have mastered. Using Water to heal themselves or their allies, Fire to deal ranged damage, Air to buff them and Rock for close combat. Where you can transform for a few seconds into Elemental forms of your choice, depends on your gameplay.

Primary Stat : Runes. Weapons : 2 Hand Maces and Axes, Polearms.

Hunter : Dragon Tamer (Ranged DPS) You cannot tame beasts, this spec will have you summon dragons to attack your target, or glide with dragons summoned, Tame Dragons as pets (only Dragons and Draconic looking creatures) Fire themed spells.

Primary Stat : Focus and Mana. Generate Mana AND Focus. Weapons : Same as Hunter now.

Rogue : Bard (Ranged DPS) Rock and roll. Idea taken from the April Fools joke, where you will have Axes that look like guitars (or even the normal ones with the animation of Guitar hero kind of style) And blast enemies from far, Avoid damage spells as much as possible , and create traps for the enemies and buffs for the allies, and debuffs that will take more health or deal less damage.

Druids : Now for druids, they already have 4rth spec, however just not to leave them out of it, Guardian and Feral will become one spec altogether, and they will gain : Naturalist (Ranged DPS without forms.) Deal damage from vines, summoning treants or ancients that can taunt enemies and cover yourself with wood and stones to avoid damage and heal you. And also deal damage to the enemies.

Zones :

Sa’Dun – The Horde found themselves inside a Cavern with its own Ecosystem of a Desert here, The atmosphere is as hot as Durotar, Tanaris and other areas of Azeroth. Lyris, Jin’zo and Azun, and the Horde Troops establish a small camp to rest and continue. Azun travels a little bit to explore the area where he comes face to face with a Race similar to the Arakkoa, The Vultir. An attack occurs between Azun and the Vultir, which calls for backup. As the Battlecry of Azun has heard from the Adventurers, they approach him to assist him in a fight, but at the same time a shadow of a group appears to save them, throwing spears and arrows towards the Vultir. There, they meet a friendly but fearsome race of Meerkat-looking creatures, The Memons.

Assisting them in the fight, they brought them to their village which is under the dunes, a highly advanced city under the dunes, made out of Cactus leaves and wood, Torches that light the way. The Memon explained that from the moment they stepped in the dunes, they were spying on them, to see if its friends or foes, but at the same time more races were spying on them, The Vultir and the Scorps.

Traveling to their underground city, they meet 2 more races that are somehow Familiar. Earth Troggs and Sandbolds.

Races of Sa’dun –

Memon – A race of Meerkat, Shorter than a Gnome. These creatures may be small, but they are fast, unpredictable and quick diggers. Their talent is to build their cities underground where their enemies are hard to find, and cover their entrance with Rocks and Cactus Leaves or whatever they can hide.

Leader : Grand Sandspeaker Ta’imon.

Territory : Underdunes of Sa’dun (Friendly. Horde faction based – Ta’tari Tribe)

Enemy territory : Temple of Deepsand ( Lo’tari Tribe )

Vultir – A race similar to the Arakkoa, these creatures are Scavengers and Ambushers, with little to no communication, they look for sole creatures that wander alone in the desert, or for already dead corpses to feast on whatever they can eat and steal their supplies. Excellent at Stealth and Aerial attacks, and good at finding things.

Leader : Pharah Wing Feastbeak.

Territory : Tree of Regeneration. (Enemy)

The Scorps – A race of Half Centaur/Half Scorpions, with Barbaric nature. These creatures make their homes in Tents, as they’re Nomads and Barbarians. Good with Swords, Axes, Bows and their tails, they attack anyone who finds them on their way.

Leader : Poison-King Tremenis

Territory : All Over the Desert. Mostly tho , Tanazoth City.

Earth Troggs – Similar to the Troggs on Azeroth, however these creatures are As big as Golems, they’re Protectors of the Memon, their cities and slow but powerful warriors.

Leader : Sand Speaker Ta’imon.

Sandbolds – Kobolds that adapted to the sand. Two groups exist for this race, a Group of fanatical followers of King Togwaggle, who builded their place on the top of the mountains of Sa’dun to overlook the whole desert and inform their king of any news. And the Resistance of Geosculptor Yip, who was saved from the clutches of a Firescaled Dragon of Terevia. These are friendly towards the adventurers, and they fight for the Memons, and make their cities light with life ( With candles, of course. No take candle ).

Leader: 2 Leaders. Geoscultpor Yip for the friendly Sandbolds, and Queen Wagtoggle for the enemy Sandbolds.

Territory and Tribes : Fivefinger Mountain, Togwaggle Garrison. (Enemy territory)

Friendly Tribe : Geosculptors Terrace.

Note : Geosculptor Yip is the creator of Earth Troggs.

Sa’Dun Bestiary :


Fennec Fox

Wax Dragons – Dragons made out of Wax from Candles. Same entities as Hearthstone’s Wax Dragons.

Wax Elemental – Elementals made out of Wax. Wax Rager from Inspired from Hearthstone

Two Headed Dragon Lizard – Komodo looking beasts with 2 Heads. Spit Poison.




Troodos : The Twin Paladins and the High Cleric, along with their crew, fall into a snowy land, and at the moment they arrive they are met with a powerful Blizzard. Running to find shelter, they discover a Frost Cave, and they rush in to enter. Building fires over there, they sit down and some of them guard the entrance.

While there, The High Cleric ventures inside the cave to find anything to help them with the cold, supplies or an animal to kill and eat. As he ventures inside, He discovers bones around, frozen in place and a large snore. He discovers that they’re in a Dragon’s lair, a Crystalice Dragon. Making slow and careful movements, as he was holding the torch, an icicle falls and hits a shield of a creature that perished there, making a loud echoed noise. Waking up, the High Cleric attacks it while the adventurer runs to inform the others. Perished by the Battle, the dragon chases after the adventurer while he blows his horn to inform the others. As they come face-to-face with the Dragon, One by one of the crew dies by their attack. George and Karl remain as a Crystal Portal opens and a sound invites them to jump in, they do so in a way to escape from the dragon. Appearing in a gigantic citadel made out of Ice, they meet the Frostborn dwarves. Familiar with this race, the Frostborn Dwarves also appeared in Storm Peaks, but these Frostborn dwarves were different from their cousins. Little Taller than their cousins, Bulkier and more… Ice looking. They welcomed the twins and the last adventurer into their citadel, their Frost King explains that their mages, assisted the Alliance of their mutual relationship they had with their other dwarven races, hinting of some backstory before.

Explained, The Frostborn Dwarves of Troodos were a group of Refugees from the era of the War of the Three Hammers, some of them were Wildhammer other were Dark Iron while some were Bronzebeard in blood, knowing of their story due to their connection with the Stronghold of the Frostborn of Northrend, they knew about the Alliance friendship the races have, hence helping them without any trouble.

Their Frost King gives them a small tour of the city, and mentions what you have to avoid and what to do in order to survive in Troodos. He mentions the Chaani , the Snowkins, Crystalice Dragons, and the Elementals of this area.

Races of Troodos :

Chaani – Chaani is a race of Intelligent Wendigo race, Ferocious beasts that wield Ice magic, create Blizzards and fight with bare claws. Lives in caves and underground Ice Tunnels. Sometimes they seem to control Crystalice Dragons.

Leader: Tribe Chieftain Icefang

Territory : Multiple Ice Caves.

Snowkins – Creatures that resemble gnomes, But not from the Gnome family. These creatures are Merchants, Vendors and Hunters. They do not fight, but if provoked, they will protect their homes and their lives.

Leader: Mister Snowsteps

Territory: Patihara Village

Crystalice Draconmen – Crystalice Dracomen are Drakonoids that are made out of Ice, they live in caves and lands that are forbidden to go near, as they are known to be Powerful and Dangerous, Brutes that can withstand Blizzard.

Leader : Traggos the Ice Axe.

Territory : All over the Zone. Mostly in Caves.

Frostborn Dwarves – Dwarves that split from Northrend, in a quest to return to their brethren in Ironforge, they got lost and ended up in the Island. Finding a Snowstorming Land, They decided to stay and build their own kingdom. Their old Cryomancers had the power and knowledge to open portals to Northrend, but after the death of their Last magus, that knowledge was lost forever. Until the Alliance arrived, giving them a small hope.

Leader : Frost King Icehammer

Territory : Muradin’s Citadel (Named after Muradin while he was their leader in Northrend)

Troodos Bestiary –

Crystalice Dragons – Dragons made out of Ice Crystal. They breathe frost, which Freezes anything that comes in the range, they can create icicles.

Leader : None.

Icebound Elementals – Elementals that are born of Ice. These creatures are your normal Elementals. However, this is where the Elemental Lord of Ice is from. Their Leader is Ahune the Frost Lord. And you will fight him here.

Leader : Ahune, The Frost Lord

Snow Wolves


Snow Monkeys


Frost Serpents – Flying Serpents resembling the Jade Serpents of Pandaria. These creatures are just serpents that adapted to the snowy environment of Troodos.

Polar Bears


Boldian – A Lush forest, Villages, Streets filled with different creatures, and Kobolds. A lot of them. This is the kingdom of King Togwaggle. At the middle of the Woodlands, A big kingdom is found, Togwaggle Kingdom.

As our adventurers venture to this zone, they will find a lot of beasts that were never seen before, Tiger-looking creatures that are covered in Leafs and Vines, Elephants that are the same of a Cow, Bovines that have 4 horns, and a lot of Familiar and unique humanoid creatures.

The Horde arrives at Waxore Village, A village of Farming Kobolds, mixed with Troggs, Furbolgs and Jangreis. Once the Horde arrive, the kobolds stare at them with a confused look, other races grab whatever they can find while the Jangreis run into hiding, The Village Chief approaches the horde races, A kobold the size of a Human, and different looking than the rest. Guarded by Furbolgs and other Kobolds of the same size. The horde are welcomed into the village, but are asked to leave their weapons at the Saferoom. Only the Guards are allowed to wield weapons inside the Village.

The Chief explains that this kingdom is different from the rest regions of the Island, The kobolds here are more intelligent , the races are friendly with some exceptions of some groups and tribes. Explained that this is not the first time they encounter creatures from the Horde, the Guard Captain appears next to the Chief. A Blood Elf paladin, who’s ship was also destroyed by the waves.

Lynessa Sunsorrow explains that the Boldian is ruled by different groups, but the major power here is Togwaggle Kingdom and his army. Most of her crew was castaway here, Mercenaries and Pirates, Led by Marin the Fox of Bloodsail Pirates.

The Alliance find themselves in the Harathin Forest, Where they are trapped by Treants and Tree Golems. The Treants resemble the Botani, but they are not the same. Led as Prisoners, Unable to cast any spell but only Nature spells, they meet their Elder Treantlord Tixlo. Tixlo speaks in a Unknown Language and releases the Prisoners.

Calling Forth a Night Elf, Kathrena explains that they were from The Mercenary Guild, Led by Marin the Fox. But due to some different ideas and desires, all split and joined in different Guilds that were made by them. Kathrena and other Elves joined with the Treants, in this Enchanted Forest, While the rest went on their own way. Gibberers wander this land, while some are Feral, others are Passive creatures.

Kathrena explains the land itself, The rulers here are powerful groups of this land, which extends to some lands beyond Boldian. The grand ruler of this land is King Togwaggle, but other groups lead this place in a never ending war between the ‘Houses’.

The Races and Groups :

Kobolds – King Togwaggle. King Togwaggle is the king of all kobolds, some see him as a God, but in reality he is just a powerful Kobold with a big army. He Resides in Tamariza, A kingdom made out of Wax, Dire Mole Riders, Underground warriors and lots of kobolds. Also big candles.

Snobolds and Winter Furbolgs – Frostfur, Elder of the Troodos. She is at war with the other Furbolgs of this land, and an Arch-Nemesis of King Togwaggle. She lives in a Winter Cave, Guarded by Frost Elementals, Winter Furbolg. Snobolds work as her Caretakers, builders, minions and servants. And candle-keepers, of course.

Forest Furbolgs – Elder Jari, Elder of the Forest Furbolgs. These Furbolgs live in the Ursolia Forest of Boldian, Hunters, Forest Shamans, Druids and Warriors, they are very aggressive and they are quick to attack any creature they see in front of them. No creature dares to approach their land.

Fungal Bolgs – Fungal Bolgs is a race of Fungal-covered Furbolgs. Not corrupted or mind-controlled, these creatures adapted in the swamp of Valamash, a land of giant Mushroom trees, Foul Air and anything there is trying to kill you. Their Leader is Elder Blackseed, Commands the Fungal Bolgs and the Troggs of that area, along with ‘King Gutmook’.

Sandbolds – A race of Sand adapted Furbolgs, they are allies with King Togwaggle, their Leader, Queen Waxtoggle. Enemies of the Memon, These Sandbolds are extremely good at Fire Magic, Controlling the Sands and adapted to Heat.

Memon – A race of Meerkat looking creatures. These creatures live under Sa’dun sands, great at swords and bows and very talented at stealth attacks. Their Sand Speaker, Tai’mon, is a Grand Shaman of Earth and Sand, which manipulates the sand to create Sand Elementals.

Candlebeard Raid – Captain Candlebeard and Noz Timbertail lead the Candlebeard Crew, a 2 Pirate Ships that are located in the Candlebeard Port. Filled with Kobolds and Forest Furbolgs, they are enemies of all.

Creatures of Boldian :

Gibberers – Gibberers is a feral creature. They are a feral group of creatures that hunt at night and are very good at stealth attacks. They never hunt alone and always in big groups. Same idea from the Gibberer creature in Hearthstone.

Jangreis – A Pig race, not so similar to their cousins but a subrace, these creatures do not have tusks but they are Farmers, Cooks, Cleaners, Servants and any other task that does not involve fighting.

Treefolk – Treefolk are creatures that resemble a Botani, but they are very close looking to Treants. These creatures are Protectors of the Forests. They awaken their Ancient Tree Guardians only when it comes to a war, and they are powerful when it comes to Nature Magic.

Forest Furbolgs – Forest Furbolgs, unlike what we have encountered these far in Azeroth and other areas, these furbolgs are descendants of Ursol. These creatures are tall, Grizzly Bear creatures that live in the Ursollan Forest.

Beastirary of Boldian :

Elephtusk : Elephtusk is a creature similar to an Elephant, the size of a Tiger, with 4 sets of horns. These creatures are known to be territorial, intelligent but also kind.

Leafskinned Tigers – Tigers that are made out of Grass, and Wood. These creatures are good at camouflaged, very fast and ferocious

Leafskinned Rhinoceros – Similar to the Tigers, these Rhinoceros are aggressive and territorial, and will only be found in Forests. Similar to the Tigers.

Baboons – Baboons are creatures that are extremely territorial, thieves, killers and… Monkeys. Typical monkey thieves.

Valamash – A harsh Marsh of giant Foul Mushroom Trees, Air so foul that can be toxic, Creatures, animals and humanoids alike are trying to kill anything in front of them in this land. The heroes of both factions must travel with their new allies to retrieve a lost artifact, but they find more than what they expect.. A hidden Titan facility, Uldim, that hosts an old god, never heard before, but deadly..

As they travel through the harsh marsh, the heroes come face-to-face with Shroom creatures, the Shroomlings, the Troggs of that land, Faceless ones, and Fungal Bolgs. Deep at the end of the land, the heroes discover a hidden area that hosts a creature of the Void, named *The Darkness* of the Island legend. This creature is a Void Lord that created the need of the Kobolds to hold a candle. Guarding the Entrance of Uldim, the creature protects Haj’taj, God of Fungus. A giant creature, an old god, that created all the creatures that lived in this land, adapted them into their own vision. The Eyeless ones, A race of N’raqi, blind but furious and with good aim, this creature of N’raqi do not have eyes, but they have a Trunk that can sniff any enemy, and detect the smell of their enemy and attack them on sight, friend or foe.

Followers of the Old god, the Centins, are creatures that resemble Centipedes, enemies of everything that their god believes, born from their god; these creatures can only be found sealed in Uldim, awaiting the moment their god is unleashed to the world.

Natives of Valamash :

Centins – Centipede looking creatures, they can only be found inside the sealed temple of Uldim. They are fearlessly loyal to their god, attack anything that they see, and they are cannibalistic creatures.

Fungal Bolgs – Fungal Bolgs is a race of Fungal-covered Furbolgs. Not corrupted or mind-controlled, these creatures adapted in the swamp of Valamash, a land of giant Mushroom trees, Foul Air and anything there is trying to kill you. Their Leader is Elder Blackseed, Commands the Fungal Bolgs and the Troggs of that area, along with ‘King Gutmook’.

Fungal Troggs – Similar to the Fungal Bolgs, these creatures have adapted to the life of the marsh, their mind set is the same as normal troggs. These are great Mushmancers, and they can create poison out of anything.

Shroomlings – Primal race of Valamash, they are small humanoid creatures, with the style of a Mushroom. They only use arrows and spears to attack, and they yell gibberish words when they are about to attack. (Hearthstone idea)

Valamash Bestiary :

Musharack – Musharack are a race of big Newts, they are quick, stealthy, and they love camouflaged. Some of them are hostile, while others are neutral.

Crocodiles – Swamp Crocodiles, that lurk near the riverbanks and the waters of Valamash. They will surprise attack anything that comes close to the water.

Blackshroom Bears – Bears. Black Bears. But with Fungal growing on their skin. Aggressive creatures.

Otters – Otters. Simple creatures.

Scorched Kingdom : Endgame Zone.

This land is just a big pile of ruins, fires, burned ground and no happiness. In ancient times, this place used to be the pinnacle of the Island, where all trades, armies, groups and creatures travelled here for festivities, trades and events. With the awakening of the Flameblood Dragons, a race of lost and forgotten, now more primitive, Red Dragons, these creatures mindlessly conquer and attack anything in the land. The Horde and Alliance, meeting each other at the entrance of the kingdom, turn on each other. As the battle endures, the noise of swords and guns and magic draws the Dragons to that place. An attack occurs while in the middle of the battle from 2 giant Red Dragons, Deformed into more Primal creatures, the horde and alliance attack the dragon together. Kathrena and Lyris agree to put their vendetta to rest, to build their camp together and find a way to escape the Island, and this Land of Dragons.

Natives of Scorched Kingdom –

Firecandled Kobolds – Fanatic worshippers of the Dragons, These kobolds are infused with fires of the Cauldron, an area where their fires transform the creatures into firebound creatures. They are only Mages and Shamans, who can only use Fire in means of combat.

Flameblood Dragon's – years ago, Alexstraszha send out a group of Dragons to kill the remaining orcs that invaded Azeroth during the second war. In a mysterious way, the dragons vanished from the sky and ended up in the land. Feeling their presence was only aggressive from the races of that land, the Mage who created the portal to bring the dragons here recruited them and `Corrupted them` to unleash hell in this land.

Dragon Father Galakrian, Brood of Galakrond, was hiding in this land since ancient times. A Creature that resembles a dragon, Big and powerful, with domination magic to turn friends against friends.

Yalisters – Yalisters is a race of Feline lion creatures, resembling the Saberon. These creatures have 2 groups. One group are followers of Galakrian, used as Pawn Soldiers by him, while the other group see his corruption through and establish a land that was protected by Fire Dome. Their King, Firespeaker Kattoulis, Used his magic to see what came to their land, after sending an Ambassador to speak to the horde and alliance, they agreed to help them bring down Galakrian, and bring a new era to the Kingdom. As Allies.

Kingdom Bestiary –

Firebound Lions – Fire Cats. These creatures are lions in that their skin is red and their inside is engulfed in flames. Idea similar to the Fire Lion Pokemon.

Scorched Wolves – Fire Wolves. Big packs of wolves that will attack anyone on sight, can breath fire and leave smokes to camouflage from their prey in order to kill it.

Normal Dungeons :

Sandqueen’s Palace

Trial of King

Ruins of Old

Webmistress Lair

Heroic Dungeons :

Troodos Glacier

Raiding Boldian (Open world instanced dungeon where you raid different everytime villages in Boldian )


Tower of the Arcanist

Shadowvein Labyrinth ( 0.1 Patch )

Raids :

Siege of Togwaggle ( 0.0 Raid )

Uldim ( 0.1 Raid )

Void Rift ( 0.3 Raid )

Patch Zones :

The Forbidden Land ( 0.1 new Zone )

Realm of Darkness ( 0.3 new Zone )

Last boss of the entire expansion : The Darkness. Inspired by Hearthstone, a very powerful Void Lord. He is not trying to destroy the world, but conquer more land for the Void.

Zones Updated :

Gilneas : The Zone will be cleansed by the Plague, the worgens and Gilneans will return back to rebuild the wall and the land itself. Worgen Players will spawn there when created, with a new storyline. Gilneas City will become a new Capital, recreated with a Kaldorei and Worgen mix style. The Gilneans and Kaldorei will share the zone together.

Kaldorei Players will spawn there as a new starting zone.

Tirisfal Glade : Recreated with the lead of Calia. Now in that land half of it is Alliance the other half is Undead. Undercity is under siege ( New pvp area ) While the rest is both factions occupied, Brill is Undead area and Deathknell, While the Bulwark was recreated into a Human Settlement

Undead Players will spawn there as a starting zone. In a different Deathknell, where airships, Alliance and filled with Alliance mobs will be there. Humans can spawn there as starting zone too, with an option of either Tirisfal Glade Troop, or Northshire/ Exiled Island

Thunder Bluff was recreated with Highmountain Tauren starting there. Recreated into a bigger Capital with additions of Highmountain and Drogbar structure.

Ironforge has been recreated into a 4 clans zone : Dark Iron. Bronzebeard. Wildhammer and Frostborn structure. The Deeprun tram has been created into a train station, yes, but with modern looking style, where you buy a ticket for 1 cooper, waiting in line, some areas for food and entertainment.


This is the last. It took me 3 months to come up with ideas, and possibilities. Will possibly recreate a Nature based expansion next, but I will do Classes/Races/ Allied races first before I continue with fan-made Expansions. Thank you!


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