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November Classic PvP Events Info – (NA) Gulch League Midseason & (EU) 3v3 Tournament

Content of the article: "November Classic PvP Events Info – (NA) Gulch League Midseason & (EU) 3v3 Tournament"

We're excited to bring the community several Classic WoW PvP events before the release of Naxxramas in early December! ReadyRaider has also partnered with Classic Clash in Europe to bring events to more overseas players through the rest of classic and into Burning Crusade.

The season is in full swing with 20+ teams signed up and competing in the MMR league. November 7th marks the start of the CGL (NA) Midseason event which will be hosted by Rokman on Twitch ( with special guests Perplexity (From APES EU) and North The Mage. You can still sign up for the league to hopefully participate in the finals event or learn more about the league and events with the links below.

CLASSIC GULCH MIDSEASON TOURNAMENT:×194679072056934400&nav=tourney&tournament=CGLMidFall2020

Teams Signed up for this event include:
– Faerlina Horde's Last Hope (Zetox, Bean, Revery, Kibler, and more)
– Fun N Flirty
– Protect The Lumber (Goodmood as captain)
– Gabagool
– Lost In Translation
– Bael Modan Exterminators
– Vampire Clan (Featuring your favorite flag carrier – YesMaster)
– Orbiters
– New Meta
– PvE Gamers
– Bene Boys
– Dragon Energy

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CLASSIC GULCH LEAGUE (NA):×290293453627249900

CLASSIC GULCH LEAGUE (EU):×218102896361507940

Classic Clash has partnered with ReadyRaider for their S4 3v3 Tournament! Play started on November 6th and will continue with Group Stage and Finals into next weekend! The event is streamed via on twitch.

Learn More about this event here:×194679072056934400&nav=tourney&tournament=classicclash4eu


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