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Orcs lore inspired by Hungarians

Content of the article: "Orcs lore inspired by Hungarians"

As the title says, I realized the Orcs' lore is very similar to Hungarians' history. Maybe the Blizzard got inspired by their history? I list all the similarities between Orcs and Hungarians. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong in any subject I am not a big loreguru nor historian.

  1. Mag'har/Magyar: Hungarians call themself Magyar/Magyars which looks like Mag'har, furthermore the word magyar pronunciation is almost the same as Mag'har.
  2. The 7 Warlords/The 7 Chieftains of Magyars: Although both Orcs and Hungarians had a lot of minor clan, there are 7 bigger clans which were the leading force, and one person controlled/led the 7 clans aka. the Warchief. It was Blackhand in WoW and Árpád in the hungarian history.
  3. Culture: Same as Orcs, Hungarians strongly believed in shamanism. They lived in huts, hungarians were extremely good archers, warriors and they respected their companions (horse) as Orcs did with wolves.
  4. The story: Orcs when Draenor (another world) was dying, they came to Azeroth through the Dark Portal, and raided countless towns, villages until the humans were able to push them back and later on Orcs made their home in Durotar. Hungarians came from Asia to Europe (which back then it was like they came from another world to the Europeans) in hope for a better future. They did the same what Orcs did in the lore. Raided countless towns, until European countries stopped them so they made their home in the Carpathian Basin.
  5. The dream of Thrall/The Dream of Emese: In Warcraft 3 Thrall had a dream where a crow told him to go west and he'll find there a destiny a home for his people. In hungarian history Árpád (the leader of the 7 clans) mother called Emese had a dream where a Turul bird (mythological bird looks like an eagle) told her that she'll have a son, who will lead their people to a better world and great destiny awaits them.
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My English isn't perfect, hopefully you can understand my points. These are the main similarities in a nutshell. What do you guys think?


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