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I did it, and it works.


Prot paladins were at a severe disadvantage in BWL as too many mechanics fuck with prot paladins in particular. The three drake bosses requiring taunt, the dragonoids are resistant to holy damage, the bloodelf trash mobs are immune to magic damage altogether.

In TAQ however, this it is not the case, nothing in TAQ really make the lives of prot paladins too difficult, and there is a niche for prot paladins in all of the encounters.

Our raid runs 2 warriors, 1 bear, and 1 prot paladin (me)

Gear Setup:

I run 2 sets of gear, one full mitigation and one spell power. The spell power set is judgement x8 with defensive rings, neck, weapon, shield and trinket. The full mitigation is, well, every piece of high ilv non-class specific plate gear with defensive stats.

I also mix and match to create a balanced set as my go to tank set with judgement x5 and rest of the pieces defensive plate.

Trash before Skeram:

Prot paladins are perfectly capable of tanking the anubis trash before Skeram. No special setup needed. I tanked them in both my balanced set and my spell power set. An added benefit is that prot paladins can spam kings before contact, gathering up the four anubis for easy pick up by tanks.


I used my spell power set here. GBoK spam is suffice to grab initial aggro once the boss splits, and after a judgement of righteous with the full judgement bonus is enough to hold aggro.

However, while a prot paladin can fill the role of an ordinary off tank, an added value is thatby spamming GBoK the full fight, you can tank your mind controlled teammates and prevent them from ripping apart the healers.

Trash before bug trio and Sartura:

Nothing special here. Just tank the assigned mob. I started with using my balanced set, and changed into my spell power set as the trash doesn't hit that hard. Divine shield to prevent fall damage if you got blasted sky high.

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Bug trio:

I tanked Vem. Also nothing special here. The little bugger often charges off and comes back to me. Nothing to it.

Battle guard Sartura:

I recommend the spell power set here. I got assigned to tank one of the adds.

Contrary to popular belief. You don't need taunt to do Sartura. Sartura and her adds do a complete wipe of their entire aggro table, so as long as you judge a righteous and spam some GBoK, you can hold the aggro of you are assigned to. The good part to GBoK spam is that you can generate aggro at a distance, so you even if you are knocked away, just GBoK a few times the add will come back to you.

Gauntlet before Fankriss:

The gauntlet is pretty easy, but what a prot paladin can do is use ret aura and lightly spam kings to grab initial aggro of the bugs. It keeps the bugs off healers while they occasionally heal.


The prot paladin's job here is to GBoK spam to attract the little bugs and consecrate. Healers can just stand in the consecrate and not have to worry about the little bugs attacking them. With a prot paladin, the little bugs can be ignored until after the fight, or melee dps can cleave them for parse numbers.

Trash before Huhuran:

Nothing special, just tank whatever you got aggro on. We use a hunter's pet to pull the wasps out of their room. A prot paladin can GBoK the hunter then GBoK whatever class with the most member to gather up the trash pack for easy pickup.


We again use a hunter to pull Huhuran out of her room. I specifically spammed GBoK the moment we enter combat, which gives a ridiculous initial aggro for mages to go pew pew pew from the get go. Here are several choices afterwards:

  1. Continue tanking Huhuran till finish.
  2. Slow down aggro once in contact with Huhuran and let another tank take over.
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The reason to do number 2 is to have an extra poison volley soaker with divine shield in P2.

Trash before Twin Emps:

Same deal with Huhuran. You can use GBoK spam before contact to avoid the anubis running over to healers which will cause bad positioning.

I usually just cast GBoK once or twice for positioning the anubis and let the main tank take over, while I spam GBoK whenever I see the anubis summoning adds. Prot paladins spamming GBoK is a great way to get inital aggro on the summoned adds and not have them kill the rest of the raid. I can just stand there and not care where the adds will appear as they will all come to me.

Twin Emps:

We tried several things on twin emps, here are the options for prot paladins:

  1. The large bug tank: Just tank the large bug until twin emp switch sides. We have the DPS shoot or stab the large bugs when they are passing by since they are just running to the other side anyways. Nothing special here. Don't use consecrate.
  2. Caster Emp tank: Get full plate shadow resist gear. Spam GBoK for aggro. Can survive getting melee attacked by the caster Emp.
  3. Emergency tank the sword emperor AND the caster emperor: This can happened by accident when one of the tanks is down and the prot paladin is on bug duty wearing tank gear. The sword emp is not immune to holy damage which means a prot paladin can build aggro just fince especially with the initial threat lock from the teleport.
  4. Heal: The twin emps only need three tanks excluding the warlock tanks. The flexibility to heal in tank spec is a boon for the raid.
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In theory since the sword emperor is not immune to holy damage so there is nothing preventing a prot paladin tanking it, but we did not try that since we only gave titan flasks to the two sword emp tanks and that stuff is expensive.

Trash before Ouro:

Just tank those annoying bastards. It's painful……for everyone.


Two options:

  1. Tank regularly and fight for aggro.
  2. Use this strategy stand outside of sand blast range and spam GBoK

Both tactic works.


The entire fight only needed like one tank. Just stand around and do whatever. I Judged wisdom on C'thun so casters can wand C'thun to regen mana so that I feel like I am helping.


Here I posted a complete walk-through on what to do as a prot paladin. In short, it works.


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